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Have you ever made your parents a Valentine?

Have you ever made your parents a Valentine?
Kathmandu, Nepal, — Valentine's Day is coming. Have you ever made your parents a Valentine? It is beautiful if you make them a Valentine. I want my parents to be my Valentine. I have learned from my parents, "Love brings only
love." Love means to unite the minds, a matter which is wider than the sky and
as attractive as the flower. I remember a morning when we smiled, keeping hand
in hand.

Happy Valentine's Day to my family. My parents hold the second position in my heart and mind, the first being held by God. My family is true to me. I can't offer them more than my love; that's why I give them the second position in my
heart after God.

To live in a positive way is my ideology. I was born and brought up in a middle-class family. My mother told us that, due to bad political conditions, bad leaders and violence, she couldn't provide peace for us. Being a police
officer, my father had to fight for peace in Nepal. We had to wait for festivals
to have peace or ceasefires. We had to wait for festivals to be secure and have
no curfew. My mind concentrated on such things and remembered the what my mother
said, "Survive for the future." I also told my parents, "We have right to live
freely as the white flowers live."

In fact, life is a difficult journey. Sometimes I want to tell the story of the journey of my life, how I longed to fly in the sky in childhood. I wished to be a prestigious and successful woman. Therefore, I left my village in Nepal. My
grandmother especially had wept for many days, begging for her granddaughter's
return, though I was making my way wisely and honestly. To choose one from two
things – life and death – I have chosen life and escaped from home carrying a
dream to become a good person. I remembered my grandfather a lot. Though I
thought about my brothers and sisters, I escaped from home. Life means to
struggle, and I struggled so that I would never remain unhappy. I have spent
many days in success and in transition. I have dreamed about many things in
life, a small beautiful home, a struggling life, and a peaceful life. However, I
could complete the journey that I started. I was brokenhearted at my uncle's
death, I have been brokenhearted by Nepal's bad politics, killing, terrorism,
and violence. I have felt lonely at this age.

When I flew overseas – parting from nation, near ones and dear ones and the family – what a worrying moment! My mind has started to feel loneliness. I think the moment one parts from family and kin is painful. Such a moment upgrades the
importance of family and well wishers. If peace comes there, I will be in my
village soon.
"We must survive for a happy life," my father used to say. Nowadays, I weigh myself many times in an unending struggle. My mother told me, "Look up at the sky from the top of the house. Keep watching the sky."
I think our relationship is not one of trial and error. I am always ready to fight the battle for peace and harmony. I am fighting for that truth. Another name for life is struggle.

My Valentine's card from my parents read, "We love by heart." It provides quite a different pleasure to read this, coming from my parents. I thank them for such inspiration. Their Valentine's card has shown me the right path in
life. Now, sitting here, I am trying to write a Valentine's poem for Valentine's
I love my parents for their love, peace and companionship.

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