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Happy Birthday To Mahatma Gandhi

By Kamala B. Sarup
 I believe that if we know what we are doing and where we are heading, our destination becomes closer for love, forgiveness, kindness.

I remember one night in Karol Bagh, New Delhi. It was dark, and my friend Hem was sitting next to me. There was nothing to disturb us. We talked about a never-setting star in an open, carefree and natural environment. We chatted about the heart, the soul and a heartbeat that never ends. That moment should last forever. There should be no change.

While returning from a school function, my friend followed me and made an excellent remark, "You might be my true friend!" My answer was, "It may be the same for me." We began to meet each other daily. We spent many days studying Mahatma Gandhi.

A sharp wind suddenly comes through the window and blows through my hair. Outside, the flowers seem to dance in a distracted mood and the leaves of the trees have fallen to gently cover the street. I miss Gandhi now.

If we remember Mahatma Gandhi's biography. South Africa opened his eyes, when he saw the human suffering. His return to India was to rescue many people from suffering. How great he was. Buddha, Martin Luther King, and Gandhi are the epitomes of non-violence. Mahatma Gandhi's teachings of self rule and philosophy of reconciliation is what we needs today, to get out of the quagmire.
Violence is the deliberate infliction of psychic or physical pain. It is psychic torture by my definition; the pain is nearly as much as beatings or humiliation.
All peace and love lovers using the non violence method assume an anti violence cause. However, considering the latter as a way to at least reduce violence somewhat, consider that asocial behavior of all kinds is a consequence of the combination, formal education partially helps, employment partially helps, but nobody pays any attention to that source of our problems.
Thus, today desperately needs another Mahatma Gandhi. Mahatma Gandhi is one leader I have always admired the most: says a social worker Kamal Pandey. Gandhi stands tall amongst all world leaders. His philosophy and teachings have resonated around the world as a leader of non violence, spiritual living, and independence. What Gandhi did to the upliftment of Harijans in India, Abraham Lincoln did to the liberation of African American slaves in America. Today our violence prone world with wars, terrorism, and genocide happening around the world, needs another Gandhi and Martin Luther King to show us the way with peace marches and prayers.
Gandhi have stood up to speak the truth and lead the people, to an understanding, reconciliation and establish permanent peace. He always have supported the ideas of democracy, freedoms, and people's representations.
India struggled to modern nationhood through the courage of Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhi represents the light, beauty and strength of the human spirit in times of global terrorism and economic upheavals. Gandhi has asked the people with his Satyagraha, long marches, ahimsa, cooperation and prayer meetings to come to terms with the truth and peace.
A Nepali social worker Pandey further added "Besides Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Mandela, and B. P. Koirala are also those held in high esteem. The world has seen many leaders come and go, but these have stood the test of times for me.
Happy Birthday to Gandhi. We people Love you all.

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