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GandhiTopia is a free space for sharing ideas, opinions and information but we have and uphold certain standards. We will allow neither posting of explicit horror images nor personal attacks between members.

GandhiTopia aims to be a meeting point for Gandhian students, scholars, activists and institutions on the web. Members should fit in any of these categories or, in relation to Gandhi’s life and work, be artists, media persons or sincerely interested individuals.

We at GandhiTopia share the desire to spread Gandhi’s message of peace and nonviolence, build bridges, and respectfully discuss, engage and debate different points of view.

Please respect the others individuality:
- Engage without prejudice.
- Encounter one another with respect
- Engage in discourse not insults
- Endeavour to celebrate diversity
- Enter into different cultures and life perspectives with an open mind.
- Entrust your mind and hearts to new friendships

We at GandhiTopia care deeply how you feel being here and as such we take great care to prevent stalkers, harassers and spammers from exploiting your privacy. Our commitment to you is to keep and maintain GandhiTopia spam free. To be effective and consistent we entrust your help and assistance, too. We ask you to help us in keeping the GandhiTopia space civilized and report to the admin any violation. For this you can email us – – or use the link on the bottom of each page. Your anonymity is guaranteed.

GandhiTopia is NOT an Indian but an international forum. We welcome members from allover and see Gandhi's life and his teachings as universal ones, beyond time and borders. The only language in common of our members is English. Therefore, as a matter of transparency but also security we can accept only English contributions. However, it is acceptable if you have an English translation of a non-English contribution in the same post.

Copyright: please cite sources of 3rd party material to avoid infringement lawsuits.

Commercial activities on GandhiTopia are strictly prohibited.

Ning is making it very easy for you to invite your Ning friends to GandhiTopia.

> Click the Link:
> Select Invite Friends
> Write a short message, if you wish.
> Press Send Invitations button.

Invitations will only be sent to your friends in other Ning networks, and not to friends who are already members at GandhiTopia.

Make the most of your GandhiTopia experience. Participate!

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