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Dear Gandhi Topia,

I am writing to inform you about some things that have been going on with me. And that is since I left the US after personally seeing the 911 inside terror attack, my writings in opposition to the US Government Crimes on Americans have been hijacked, deleted and blocked per the links to the websites I wrote from. Nonetheless I still retain the original articles.

They have to do also with China and India.

I left the US in Nov. 2001 after personally seeing the 911 attack, and was invited to China. In China I taught English, and in my spare time did research and wrote articles.

In my China articles I wrote about improving and helping the Economic Conditions in Nanning which included putting in an MTR System in Nanning and a Speed Train System that would connect around the world. I was even awarded Honorary Citizen of Nanning for doing so, to later in time, have my articles concerning China blocked and deleted. Then my Chinese wife divorce me, and at the same time my Chinese Boss Mr. Lee Cong ended my job, after I bought a house from him. They stole the house I paid for, refusing to follow China Divorce Law, that Real Property bought during the marriage must be sold and divided per the couple. I had bought the house from him. I paid the money.

Upon his ending my job, this meant I no longer had a visa and they wanted me to leave China. I did not leave China, but ended up in Court, and had no money to pay the Court Fees, so they refuse to follow their own Laws. I was left destitute no Job, No money, No home, and have been living from Trash bins every since. I refuse to return to the US because the US Government are Mass Murderers and Terrorists, and I know they did the 911 inside Terror Attack that murdered 3000 Americans that day.

This led to their illegal Wars against Afghanistan, and Iraq that murdered over one million innocent people, and later they invaded Libya in 2011 and Murdered Qadaffi because he was against the Zionist Jews in Israel who were murdering and still doing today killing Palestinians. It was Netanyahu and Trump before he became President who helped orchestrate the 911 attack in New York, in order to wage their illegal Wars in the Middle East.

In concern to India:

Upon coming to China, I wrote articles that were hijacked and deleted, this began concerning my articles I wrote about a Subway MTR System in Nanning and even to make a Speed Train that connected around the world.

I discovered Gandhi Topia and posted some links there. I wrote my profile and I joined Gandhi Topia in 2009. In my profile I state there should be an International Institute of Nonviolence. It is still posted here.

I then notice on March 25th 2012 the President of India Mrs. Pratibha Patil inaugurated GRF, Gandhi Research Foundation. founded by Mr. Bhavarlal Jain.

In 2009 there was no such Institute of Nonviolence. I believe Mr. Jain or someone in their sphere of influence read about my idea on Gandhi Topia and took it upon himself/themselves to use for GRF. His thinking why should a damn American start a Nonviolence Institute; after all Nonviolence was initiated by Mahatmas Gandhi, and it was he and his sufferings and India's sufferings by the West, meaning the UK and US who do the Violence to mankind.

I admire Gandhi very much, and have to say, although my idea about an International Institute of Nonviolence is not GRF, isn't it a coincidence, if it is? And I refute and renounced my Citizenship of the US Government Terrorist Government, instead choosing to fight them through my poverty and act of Nonviolence, because truth is the hardest and most honorable to acquire and live by.

In fact I wanted this Institute to happen, and then suddenly several years later GRF opens. And I am left as a fool scratching my head living from trash bins every day.

The proof is in the time and writings. I suspect my account at Gandhi Topia will be deleted now. And I won't ever stand a chance to be accepted at GRF, after I originally suggested in starting an International Nonviolence Institute to honor Non-Violence Action and a Nonviolent Economic System. Yes OK..I support Gandhi, but India had no Institute of Nonviolence when I suggested an International Institute. I am not looking to claim credit, I am looking for a job and new homeland that supports NonViolence, and a world that does not threaten people with Violence Nuclear Weapons, Terrorism, Torture, Lies, and Murder.

My GEM : Gods Electricity Machine would be of great value to the goal.

This was written so you know the truth.

I also wonder if India is aware of this?


Dominic Jermano

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