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Global Solution lies in self-pls contribute. Critiques are most welcome

We all are facing single question deep in our mind whenever we are discussing or listening to any kind of problem.

And the question is:-"How can I be a part of solution. I am too small for such big problems. Where do I start. etc"

Solution lies in self. This was and is the basis of the vedic civilization ( HInduism). pls refer the scriptures of hinduism.
All of them talk about self discipline and self realization and eventually conclude that we are not waves but part of an ocean.

Gandhian philosophy of village:-

Similar t oour earlier villages, each village should be self sufficient in terms of producing what they need to consume.

Now let us apply ths philosophy to modern panorama.

If a company has to sell tshirt in village/city X, it should get it manufactured in village/city X. Or else, the village moves to poverty and unemployment because they will buy tshirt and spend money but the earning of the people has gone to the village where the production has happened.

Organised retail is a curse to our global economy . Ask why and how?

Retail is the single, first and oldest industry of this universe. But this was available in every alternate home/family. This way, the equilibrium in distribution of wealth was maintained. however, in case of organised retail, the money from gets in one or few pocket and is concentrated thus creating disparity in income, poverty and unemployment..

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Comment by Abhishek Pandey on December 1, 2009 at 9:49
content of education is very important. What we study is of much relevance to our personal lavitation. Refer the education system in India during vedic ages, which is still considered the best and even today, people are discovering and are unable to invent anything more than that. capitalist economy structure is the major drawback of the world and is going to be the reason for the end of this world (human race). But we need to welcome this end so that new born can arrive.
Comment by Christopher Wroth on November 25, 2009 at 22:05
Dear Abhishek ~ Thank you for your blog. Your emphasis on buying from local suppliers and including spiritual practice in our lifestyle is very much like the counterculture "green hippie" lifestyle of northern California. The difficulty is that so many of our brothers & sisters live in big-city urban environments where buying locally cannot be distinquished from buying globally. Also, the pace and endless distractions of urban life seem to bring even greater attachment to maya and less spiritual discipline. The agricultural era was replaced by the industrial era and that was replaced by the information era. The poor can no longer survive by selling their labor. Without education, the poor are lost. What is needed is a way to bring education to our children in a self-reliant way - without depending on government or church. To do this we must enable small groups, connected by blood, marriage, or common trust; to form disciplined economic units that can conserve wealth through generations. This wealth can educate the young of each suceeding generation and also assure that each generation is born into a wealthier environment than the last genereation. This is already being done by wealthier families in America who form private charitable foundations that sustain family holdings while also conducting philanthropic activities. This can also be done by small groups of people who trust each other and want more economic stability. Co-operatives using micro-lending to advance economically often use a form of consensus process in meetings. This assures that all voices are heard and all reservations exposed and discussed. In this way, cohesiveness and group sustainability is established. With group cohesiveness and harmony established - it is a simple step for the co-operative to establish a charitable trust to hold assets for use in educating the young. Namaste.

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