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1 - To establish only one NATION of FREE BEINGS, recognizing themselves as what they are, accepting themselves as what they are, loving themselves as what they are: PURE LIGHT!.

2 - To establish only one RACE comprised of spiritually equal beings within the external multiplicity and to clear the pathway for the Divine Archetype of Man and Woman; the Androgynous Light.

3 - To establish only one RELIGION, comprised of consciously enlightened beings derived from the source-light of the FATHER-MOTHER-LOVE, thereby eliminating separatism between all Beings.

4 - To establish only one CURRENCY, thereby establishing the RHYTHMIC BALANCED INTERCHANGE of loving reciprocity between All Beings.

5 - To establish only one SCHOOL where one learns to Love and recognize the Divine Essence in each person. Since the Cohesive Force of Love is the Principle of Origin, the fluidity of Divine Wisdom fulfills each Being with Radiant Light.

6 - To establish only one FAMILY free of racial, genetic and ideological separatisms, each Being embraced for what he is: son of the FATHER-MOTHER-LOVE, thus Being a co-participant in the Universal Family.

7 - To establish only one LANGUAGE in order to rid each being from multiple indigenous languages. To reassert, through the emanation of Love, the Electrostatic Communication from Being to Being. (page 1486-91)

Sharing, in Order, Light and Love,
Giuseppe Marivo

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Comment by Dipak Dholakia on February 23, 2009 at 11:03
I am sorry to say that this is not Gandhian model of society. For example, you say, you want to have the world rid of so many languages and have ONE Language. The choice of the language will be arbitrary and all except one group will be excluded from it. This is undemocratic. You want to establish ONE currency. How it is going to bring people closer, I do not know. You want to have ONE school where I will recognise 'Divine Essence' in each person and I am assured of seeing 'Divine Wisdom fulfilling each being with Radiant Light. Well, I could not quite get it.What will happen to me after that? And about 'divinity' - let me say, I am a non-believer, though Gandhi was. I prefer to believe in humanbeing and hardly need help from the superhuman source. This provision blocks my right not to believe in 'Radiant Light' kind of stuff. You want to establish ONE race. This is a biological fact. how can you do it? The world has seen a very serious attempt to eliminate one of the races. your doctrine may lead to resurgence of fascism. You want to have ONE nation of 'Pure Light' people. Please give us a concrete action plan- who and which group is going to be coverted into 'Pure Light" first? Perhaps Africa, yes, people live there in dark ages, I am told? If you succeed in creating such a race you do not need to have ONE family in addition to the one race, is it not so? And you want to have ONE religion. Certainly, it will not be a religion of a tribal or an aborigin. It must come from a super rich or middle class morality. After all we all follow what the rich do.

How are you going to tell the governments to wind themselves up? how are you going to make every soldier resign from the army leading to the extinction of the army?

By the way, your programme does not plan to have ONE Company controlling the entire divine wealth bestowed by that Luminous Existence so that wars for wealth can be ended.

Every high sounding utopia is actually a dystopia. It is certainly NOT Gandhitopia.
Comment by GIUSEPPE MARIVO on February 9, 2009 at 20:02
Fantastic, Swachid, my brother!!!!

The Plan, GLOBAL GOVERNMENT OF HUMANITY, as only way for the Humanity in the entire Planet, was revealed and ordered from Shamballa, 25 July 1993.

"....The DIVINE GOVERNMENT'S DISPOSITIONS have entered in regency from the same moment when the disposition of the New Era became apparent; but this Work had been kept to the man's knowledge, waiting the opportune moment when having matured the Being, the personality can capture without reservations what is exposed before. Therefore, by virtue of the acceleration of the Planet and the Disposition of the FATHER-MOTHER, to manifest THE GLOBAL GOVERNMENT OF HUMANITY, it becomes necessary to show these DISPOSITIONS that will have the purpose to make realize to the Beings willing to participate of the Divine Order, and to serve as Agents of Liberation for the DIVINE GOVERNMENT'S establishment in the Planet.

The given Sequence has had Its Center in THE DIVINE GOVERNMENT'S ETHERIC HEADQUARTERS. Being emanated the wave through the communication from Being to Being established with the Pillar of the Love.

Accept this Ordinance. Dispose its publication and execute it to Its Light, establish the corresponding order of Service to open the way to the Regency of the Love on the Planet.

Submit to your personalities, without restrictions or control and according to the given Ordinance in the Internal Circuit of the Light in SHAMBALLA, on July 25th 1993, in the corresponding Octave to the REALIZATION-MANIFESTATION of the DIVINE GOVERNMENT on the Planet Earth.

The given DISPOSITION is subjected to each Being's execution and its assimilation in an Octave of more vibration. The Divine Ordinance has been accomplished, it corresponds to the man to carry out the concerning part to its Realization-Sustentation-Execution.


For the manifestation of the Divine Will and in accomplishment to Its Disposition!...."

With my affection,
Giuseppe, hugs
Comment by Swachid Kasturi Rangan on February 4, 2009 at 23:36
Where do we begin to achieve this glorous objective?. Let all sahrudayas (likeminded people) stand together on a solid ;plat form and strive to realiaze the Gandhian Vision: A world withouth conflcts, Nations without borders and People committed to truth and nonvioemldence. Pl read my blog on a similar theme and trell me if you can apply this system, Gandhian Republic, to your own coutnry regards Swachid K. Rangan
Comment by GandhiServe Foundation on January 24, 2009 at 19:21
Dear Giuseppe,
If you understand yours as a Gandhian initiative please point it out clearly in your posts so that fellow-members realize that you're a true Gandhian activist.

Best, Peter

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