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Gandhiji would have blessed Modi's peace initiative wih Pakistan


Though  some motivated and pledged critics of Indian Prime Minister  Narendra Modi   and some short sighted  people in India and Pakistan who hold  extreme views , have been critical of  Narendra  Modi’s peace initiative with Pakistan , it is gratifying to note that large section of Indian population  and well meaning people have welcomed the proactive steps of  Modi government to improve relations with Pakistan.
The decision of Narendra Modi to send Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj to Pakistan is a bold and statesman like initiative.

Gandhiji would  have   applauded and blessed the peace efforts of Narendra Modi

It can be seen that both India and Pakistan  have lost more than sixty five years of opportunities  for cooperation and progress between both the countries , which have more in common and less in difference with regard to life style and traditional practices. 

Obviously, there is  very urgent need to build the bridge of friendship between India and Pakistan ,as it is not wise for any two neighbours to remain in conflict all the time.  Certainly, there is enough evidence  to indicate the fact that large section of people in India and Pakistan are tired of this conflict and want to see better days of peace , harmony and cooperation.

Mr. C. Rajagopalachari, the first Governor General of independent India whose birth anniversary falls in the month of December and who is acclaimed as a statesman who can think ahead of his time, said several decades back that the best way of avoiding conflict between India and Pakistan would be to focus on the positives rather than the negatives. Obviously, he has implied that people to people cooperation and understanding must be steadfastly built , so that an amicable political and cultural climate can be promoted,  where the positives will look much larger than the negatives in the eyes of the people of both the countries.

There is really no justification for both these countries to be in eternal conflict. Obviously, the governments of both the countries have allowed themselves to be pressurised  to remain in conflict by certain internal forces , who are in numerical minority but capable of being vociferous and even indulge in violence.

In the past, several initiatives have been made by both the countries to promote peace, with  the  initiative  of  the  former  Indian Prime Minister Mr. Vajpayee who held useful discussions  with the then Pakistan President , being the most significant one.  Unfortunately,  both the leaders succumbed to the pressures of the extremists in their respective countries and  suspended the peace process.

Today, we have a central government in India with strong Prime Minister Narendra  Modi who is known not to yield to negative pressures. Obviously, Narendra Modi has realised the futility of conflict between India and Pakistan and appears to be determined to do his best to promote cordiality with Pakistan.   It is laudable that Naredra Modi is pursuing his peace objectives inspite of several provocations and stumbling blocks.

With the Pakistan Prime Minister also appears to be inclined to take the peace initiative forward, there is now  a great peace opportunity which should not be allowed to lose it’s vigour.

There are millions of people in India and Pakistan who are well meaning and understand  the benefits that can happen to both the countries in terms of trade , education, technology etc. by remaining as friendly neighbours. They should extend support to the peace efforts by  not remaining silent but taking active part in the peace process in their own way.

When talking about promoting peace, it has become a habit for both the countries to talk about holding cricket match. There is need to think of better and more basic ideas . Obviously, there are many meaningful  steps possible such as constant interaction meetings between citizens’ groups in different fields in both the countries, visits of delegations to promote trade, scientific cooperation and even the frequent conference of writers and poets, cultural exchange programmes  etc.  After more than  six decades of conflict, the bridge of peace between both these countries can be built only by brick by brick.

While Narendra  Modi is moving ahead, he can move faster only if  the peace loving citizens of India  not only extend support but also should appear to be doing so.


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