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My first trip to India was in 1981. While travelling for 2 months, throughout much of the country, there were occasions when I stayed in homes which were connected with an organization called Servas of which I was a member. The finest introduction possible to India was provided to me through my very dear friernd (and his family), A.B. Baradwai. For the first time I met A.B, Rani, Meenu. and Kapel on that 1981 trip. They very generously shared (as Servas members, too) their home, their lives, and the spirit of Gandhansm with me. We have been together many times since, particularly when I am in India. In 1982 I and a few friends founded a voluntary international aid agency called H.A.V.E (Help A Village Effort) for the prime purpose of supplying safe drinking water systems, mostly bore wells, to desperately needy villages, especially in India. Since then I have visited India many times in re;lationship to the H.A.V.E.'s voluntary service in water develment in numerous needy Indian villages. To date we have provided nearly 800 village wells and safe drinking water systems.

Much of our funds are raised via our annual Walks For Water, (Through CIDA of the Canadian Government often H.A.V.E.'s projects are matched by a grant.) For more information, see : H.A.V.E's website: or contact

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Comment by Gerry Feltham on October 29, 2009 at 18:03
Hi, Thank You, A.B.. Yes, indeed, The provision of safe drinking water to those in special need is H.A.V.E's contribution to the world, It helps to bring us closer to one another, as we need to be...North. South, East ,and West.
Comment by Arya Bhushan Bhardwaj on October 29, 2009 at 15:45
Gerry, thankyou very much for reviving old memories, you have tried to joined North-South with drops of waters, one of the five elements, that sustain life on the Mother Earth. May God bless you for your selfless service. May you and your family and friends be blessed for their kind contribution.
Comment by Gerry Feltham on October 24, 2009 at 22:50

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