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Gandhian Sri. Sasi Perumal, a Siddha doctor from Salem has been on fast demanding implementation of prohibition in Tamil Nadu  It is sad that the government is ignoring him and it is only arresting him. 
There is no issue more  serious  in Tamil Nadu than the rapidly spreading liquor habit amongst the people in all age groups, whether poor or rich , educated or uneducated, young or old persons.  It is alarming to note that  students in the age group of 12 to 13 sometimes go  to the school in drunken state and even some teachers are reported to be going to the school after consuming liquor.
What causes even greater concern is that  some women too are getting addicted to   the drinking  habit. Women and children are being beaten up by drunken men and such families are facing extreme economic hardships , as their income is  fritted away   in the tasmac shops.  As the drunken men are roaming everywhere and it is no more uncommon to see  the half naked men lying unconscious on the roads and bus stops, children and women are now afraid to go alone in the evening hours. The social fabric of Tamil Nadu is now getting seriously distorted and weakened.
Certainly,  demand of Sri. Sasi  Perumal deserves all round support and the citizens of Tamil Nadu should be grateful to him. His life is precious and he  should live long , remaining as role model for others.
I appeal to Sri. Sasi Perumal to give up his fast , as all of us want him to live long and lead us in the march to achieve the Gandhian objective of total prohibition in Tamil Nadu.
I also suggest that we should immediately start a massive signature campaign demanding prohibition in Tamil Nadu and ensure that atleast 50 lakh people in Tamil Nadu would participate in the signature campaign.  In today's conditions, this is the most appropriate and dignified method of fighting for the cause of prohibition.  This signature campaign will enable us to carry forward this message of demanding prohibition all over the state. 
I am absolutely sure that thousands of people who feel equally concerned about this liquor menace would be happy about this opportunity that would be given to them in fighting for the cause of prohibition.  Tamil Nadu government cannot ignore this massive signature campaign demanding prohibition in the state.
Nandini Voice For The Deprived

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Comment by Balamurali Balaji on February 24, 2013 at 7:47
Dear NSV,

Thanks for posting this news about Sasi Perumal in GandhiTopia.

You must notice the fact that the State Media/Government has shown negligence on the Gandhian activities and struggle in the past, for many years. Now, for God's sake, the mood of the state is slowly changing.

We must also thank Sh. Anna Hazare's nation wide call for protest for bringing LokPal which has set a new trend here in the state of Tamilnadu which has seen Gandhians in action, otherwise been neglected for many years.

Chennai, including the rest of Tamilnadu, has started getting aware of Gandhian methods and principles which are otherwise politicized for the benefit of political parties. The similar call for the complete Prohibition in the state was hijacked by a regional party (don't want to mention the name of the party) which is trying to get clean image in the state politics. The call for corruption free state was already hijacked by some media (again I don't want to mention the channel name) which is claiming to be after corrupt politicians all the time.

Anyways, these things show the victory for Gandhi and Gandhian ideology.


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