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There are many in the world who gets inspired by Mahatma Gandhi and his principles of non-violence and passive resistance. And in these days, many political, spiritual and social leaders claim to be the 'Next' or the 'Replica' or the 'True Follower' of Gandhian ideals and live their every moment practicing Ahimsa and applying non-violent methods in seeking justice, rights and for a cause of the society or nation. There are other individuals who make remarkable difference in the communities putting Gandhi and his philosophy into work for the deprived and the unfortunates.


The attribute of inspiration does have a magical phenomenon behind all these changes. Even today, the image of Mahatma speaks a lot about a common man, his pain and feelings and the wants. Not just limited to the day-to-day requirements of ordinary people, the image spells out the doctrines of  peace and non-violence, and the differences one could see; the rich and the downtrodden, the right and the wrong, justice and injustice and truth and lies. The very image could make even notorious ones sullen and sunk into the passionate mood and emotional dive allowing them to introspect and nurture the qualities to get toned to be more humanistic and passionate. For years, his words are being spoken or written largely in various media by people from various walks of life from around the world. If not for his simple and the impoverished stature, His words have done a lot to impact the running of the lives of many people and the nations. And, those individuals and leaders who are inspired by Him too have not left a little for any speculations and themselves changed personally, privately and even by looks and posture to change the world or a portion of the world. Needless to mention that these individuals too are being followed and inspired by thousands and thousands of people attributing a magnified form of love and respect to Mahatma.


And this image works and the inspiration shall not be gone astray as it is. The world must look into the much broader perspective of the principles behind the image and inspiration. While the people of Egypt erupt into a large gathering on the streets of Cairo to oust the president, championing all kinds of Gandhian dictums like non-violence, peace, perseverance, truth and justice, it is not just the inspirational move that stood apart but the sheer determination and a sense of upholding the righteousness what they thought in their minds. When Barack Obama becomes the president of the U.S.A and his eloquent speech on the Gandhian Inspiration in his life, it was the world that was happier to have a president who would truly work for America’s welfare. When Anna Hazare took a drastic step towards fighting corruption and fasting unto death for bringing an anti-corruption legislative bill, he did not or might not have done that wearing the Gandhian tag inwardly but for the sake of pure justice pending for forty two years and for curbing the infectious trait of corruption being spread all over the country. Many such protests give a strong message of conviction, determination and stronghold of justice and truth which Mahatma Gandhi was seeking for freeing his people out of ignorance and slavery.


But, it is unfortunate for the world to see Gadafis and Osamas. Getting into the violent path of life and using violence alone as the armory in their cards is a way too kind of in-human and merci-less, killing thousands of innocent people bringing the world to the halt at times. Such individuals too live on this same planet caring not for the good and the precious lives and relentlessly adamant to bow down to the laws of justice and non-violence.  What is more intriguing in this world is the in-decisive and decisive nature of people of various ethnic and origin who sometimes follow more vigorously the non-violent path to resolve the crisis as we saw it in the case of Egypt, but the same streak of non-violence had not been occurred in the other parts of the same region though been charged and aroused by the Egyptian protests. It would be much more intriguing as the Egyptian remonstration was not led or instigated by a specific head and it had come out of the people who had been under years of ignorance and suppression. Nevertheless, the power of non-violence was demonstrated with much style and dignity serving a cause and honoring the Gandhian creed.


But, the Osama’s Al-Qaida and Afghanistan was different. The rise of religious fundamentalist forces and their decade long violent attacks to bring down the Afghan governments and the quest for Taliban rule have not only displayed the Osama’s character but the brutal face of terror and violence in many parts of the world. Had it not for 9/11 attack or for the violent fighting within the Afghan nation killing thousands, Osama Bin Laden took it all in his hands driving the worst of the un-democratic rule and methods a nation would ever sought for. It was felt strongly throughout the world that Afghanistan is not an exception to the other Muslim countries which are still in hunger for violent forms of protests for their own rights and freedom but with a lack of determination. Of course, violence cannot stand upright for longer as Gandhi said, “…nothing enduring can be built on violence.”  Violence has no reliable answer to others and will be answered only by violence and this very fact would have occurred for a moment when he was captured and shot by the American forces on the day of 3rd May 2011.


For not the governments and democratically elected leaders show the sign of mercy and forgiveness as a tribute to violence. And, not a single place in the world would ever tolerate and afford to be a place of safe-heaven for the brute. The north-west frontier region and specifically, the town of Abbotabad is not destined to be a place for grooming terror but for sending the man behind the terror to grave. When Mahatma Gandhi and the Frontier Gandhi lived for spreading the freedom message through non-violence and peaceful protests, the town of Abbotabad would not have thought that it would house a Dhur-Athma(Evil,violent soul) and the inspired Obama would conduct an operation to “kill” not only the Dhur-Athma but his body being buried under the ocean.


And for Obama, much widely acclaimed president of America these days, he must have a conviction to perform that candid operation amid lot of speculations from the same candid and intelligent forces hitherto were crossing the fingers to find the whereabouts of Osama and were reluctant for years to close the chapter. Watching gruesome acts of operations by the Obama and his men would have been a taste of bitter or sweet revenge for the victims of 9/11 and the reputation of America as a safe world. But, for a moment of 40 minutes, the infamous, Gandhi-inspired Obama came down on his shoes to the levels of any other presidents of America, but gone far beyond them through an exceptional, violent operation of killing an evil man. Justice was upheld with lots of smile in millions of Americans!


Had Obama wore an adorable and sanctified Gandhian attire or image, it wouldn’t be possible for him to take this extreme step to conduct a military operation on Osama. Thousands of 9/11 victims and their families would never be satisfied this much and for Osama, not only five years but would have lived peacefully in the Abbotabad soil of peace and non-violence for ever. The inspiration of Obama and the act of justice do contradict, some believe, but man lives there! It is finally the history books kept wide open for the much exciting episode of the victory of non-violence.



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