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Gandhian approach versus Medical approach

Gandhian approach versus Medical approach

Is the nation, we the people, heading in the right direction? Are the pictures of Gandhi and his principles remain just in the campaigns and posters of current government? Is it enough to talk and hail Gandhi only in meetings? 

When I was campaigning and speaking for prohibition in the state through Gandhian means, many sources claim to convince that the state would lose considerable income from government-run TASMAC liquor shops. It is found that around 30,000 crore rupees is the annual revenue for the state due to this scheme that promote liquor and alcohol. and prohibition would surely cause a deficit in the state revenue.  

I also got responses from other sources which claim that alcoholic use can very well be eradicated with the use of herbal, medicinal treatment. They also advocate that such treatments would also cure smoking habits in people. I too watched many televised advertisements, sponsored programmes which feature people of all ages appearing in the TV shows saying that they got cured and freed from the habit of drinking by taking the dose of medicine for speculated period of time.

Well, there arises a small question in my mind? Don't we have to undertake any moral experiment to tackle any such im-moralizing social evils like smoking, drinking etc? Our Gandhian approach is to stop the government to go with moral schemes without spoiling the families and health of the citizens. Gandhian approach of fasting and protesting against any such social evil is to cause a permanent change in the way governments run and people expect from the governments.  

And, now there comes another issue raised by an honourable minister in the state of Goa. He says, "We will make LGBT (Lesbians, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) youth normal. We will have a centre for Alcoholics Anonymous centres. We will train them and give them medicines too". [Read: Goa Minister Plans Centres to Make Homosexuals 'Normal']

Perhaps, he is connecting the drinking habit, sexual orientation and other disorders as 'medical ailment' or disease. No one knows on what basis he is claiming such medical approach to curing of people behavior and giving not a single thought about side-effects it might cause. 

From a Gandhian perspective, we have a small question: "Are these medical treatments a threat to our Gandhian approach?" Do the people turn away from such physical, physiological cures and show attention on self-discipline, self-control, moral force and other soul aspects preached by Mahatma Gandhi. Do the governments come forward to uphold such values by changing their policies? 

Comments and opinions are welcome.

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