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I am a born Hindu ;when grew young/wise ,out of curiosity ,learned all most all chief Religion -Authority books or abstracts and see- when read Bible fully agreed to be a Christian and then Holy -Quran agreed to be Muslim ,read Bauddha took it to heart and thought to be Bauddha and then Jainism thought the best and Guru-Granth -Sahib ;the bare Truth and I have been changing myself from one Religion to other and finally landed -down to Hindu ,where I was born. I concluded that being Hindu ( without any change ); i can be at the same time sane Christian,Muslim ,Buddha and all said above.Neither I need to change myself nor wish others to change theirs .A Hindu needs to be better Hindu ,a Muslim a better Muslim ,a Christian a better ....and so on and so forth .
*The tragedy with us is that I am not a true Hindu but trying a Muslim to be Hindu and telling him that his religion is worst and Muslim is ....and so on .
It is an irony of history that Mahatma Gandhi, who led India to independence from British colonial rule in 1947, was shot dead at a prayer meeting on Jun 30, 1948 by Nathuram Godse,( who called himself Hindu like many other irrational and self-misguided chauvinists to this day, blame him and his philosophy of non-violence for the partition of the subcontinent into Muslim Pakistan and Hindu majority India).
In fact, it was Savarkar who was a staunch proponent of the idea that India consisted of two "nations" – Hindu and Muslim. Gandhi, on the other hand, agreed to the partition only because he saw the futility of resisting and was keen on avoiding bloodshed.
Who was Real Hindu -Gandhi or Godse ? It is said a fundamentalist Hindu killed Gandhi .What are the fundamentals of Hindu religion ? To kill Or To save ? violence or non-violence ? Godse killed a person who was not in fight ,had no weapons in his hands . this act of cowardice ,to kill a helpless -man who was going to pray is the worst kind of evil in Hinduism . Godse was not a Hindu ,never ,he was fanatic ,an extremist and to great surprise a very small group of misled people still call him Hindu and bare-faced support him .But it was Hindu majority honored Gandhi as Mahatma (the great Soul ) and the Father of Nation ,much before ,he was recognized as such in the whole world . Is there any way out to say or prove or twist that a real Hindu can ever kill like Godse (plz .compare the killings by Ashwsthama for which he was damned /cursed for ever in Mahabharat .)
Well, I think all extremists are fundamentalists (but not real fundamentalist But Fundamentalist in DISGUISE / Fake Fundamentalist or Camouflage in religion as the try to hide before the walls of Religions ), but not vice versa. that is the point I am trying to make, that it’s wrong to label violence caused by religion as the work of fundamentalists, rather than that of extremists and misuser of Religion . Fundamentalists, by that standard (so called ), may not be setting off bombs or killing infidels, but they’re supporting an environment that creates extremists, and allows them to believe it is right to do so. But no Religion in the world allows all this ,either in thought or in action .
Forbearance along with tolerance and non-violence in Hinduism, Non -violence in Jainism, Compassion in Buddhism, Equality with morality in Confucianism, Service with love in Christianity, Justice in Judaism, and Fraternity with charity in Islam are the fundamentals/cardinal virtues/ values respectively. Undoubtedly besides being excellent, all of them are complimentary to each other.I do not think how these fake people interpret their religions to allow violence and terrorism like fake currencies in the markets claiming to be more real .this is because our people are not properly educated and awakened .
"The Hypocrites - they think ,(they are fundamentalist and) they are over-reaching God, but He will over-reach them: When they stand up to prayer, they stand without earnestness, to be seen of men, but little do they hold God in remembrance; (The Noble Quran, 4:142)"
One of the tenets of Jainism is ahimsa, nonviolence, which explicitly states ‘cause no harm to living beings’. Following this basic belief, it is nearly impossible to justify combative or belligerent behavior on religious grounds.
The more fundamental one becomes following this path, the more nonviolent one should become, to the point in which zealous practitioners might carry around brooms to constantly sweep so as not to inadvertently step on, and subsequently kill, small creatures.
I am greatly shocked to note that all most all the scholars of different religions ( so called Religious Leaders or thinkers ) are amost busy to prove the other religion as the way to hell .I say ,with all humility - follow yours , learn your and teach your and know the best that all the religions say the same thing to make a Virtuous -Man ,non-violent ,helping ,kind , feeling oneness with others and goodness . Every common man knows this all - follow yourself and teach others to follow -to bring these good things in action .
*Gandhi was the one and the first in twentieth century who took the different religions in right and just spirit and he did not teach/preach or advertise (as he claimed none of these )but lived and behaved in his own life and actions .Leaders of different religions must learn the lesson that follow your religion ,enrich it but respect others as your .

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Comment by Dipak Dholakia on September 27, 2010 at 11:56
A very well written article. Well, this is not just an article, pearls of genuine wisdom coming out of the essential humaneness of Pathak Saahab.
Comment by Arya Bhushan Bhardwaj on September 24, 2010 at 18:36
Very scolarly discription of all the great religions of the world. Well done Dr. Pathakji. In today-s, ultra modern world, I will try to put this old terminology in new and the simple and comon man-s langauge. Human being is gifted with three-dimensional energy. First is physical, second is mental and third is beyond mental energy. Most of the people use only physical energy. It is reflected in indvidual as well as social unrest violence.all over. Some people use mental energy for their material good and are able to achieve worldly pleasures. A very few people are able to use their energy beyond mind and are able to achieve maximum enlightenment and self-satisfaction.
It is up to us all to what level we want to achieve awakening. This is what Gandhi had shown the world by experiments with realities in to day to day hard facts of life to which he termed Truth.
Comment by Garvin Brown on September 23, 2010 at 23:29
Drynpathak you are right in what you say.
My path now is to follow as closely as I can the advice given by Gandhi to an English missionary who asked Gandhi what he could do to alleviate the suffering of the Poor. Gandhi,s words now ring in my ears constantly..................We must step down from our pedestals and go and live with the peoiple who are suffering and experience their hardships and their sorrows............
In early 2011 I am returning to Assam and will be living in a small Hut dirt floor at a place called Garbhanga, it is a Hill village and the people are very poor.
Uttam Teron the founder of Parijat Academy a School for underprivileged children in Pamohi is doing magnificent work in Assam in the area of education for the underprivileged and it was he who started the education program at Garbhanga.

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