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I am residing and working in Delhi in Indraprastha Gas ltd the company which is working for a cleaner and greener delhi and made a remarkable change in delhi air pollution.
Paralley I with my friends working for social issues in uttar pradesh with various awareness generation programmes,health camps,education,cultural fests,workshops and trainings etc.We work with Mission Bhartiyam an ngo registered under SRA,1860,established by youths.
What I feel as a engineer,as a common man and responisble cititizen and as a social worker,here issues are quite different with our thinking.
We accept that urban mobilisation is increasing which generate various other problems for all age groups and classes of society as well as for environment.

CNG Effects:
Infact the real awareness in public is not here.Even educated people doesnt want to change their mental philosophy.Do you know CNG is really reducing the air pollution level but you should know that people like CNG not because of its environmental benefits but because of its less running cost for vehicles.and its side effect is increasing number of vehicles on road runnng with CNG because now a lower middle standard person can enjoy the car ride.
Public Transport Systems:
We know about condition of buses running in cities,very few maintain the real standards.very few obey the accuracy.buses in delhi running at very high speeds,generate lot of noise because of poor maintenence and doesnt follow lane systems.There is need to change this all.Moreover we cant connect every socity on bus routes so there may be a small walk to reach the destination after deboarding the bus.Then this small walk should be pleasent but it is also not there because of scattered transport system.Metro showed a good change in this all and it is very effective but we have to maintain its standard.Recently we heard about some major accidents and derailment of metro trains because of technical fault and man made mistakes.Accuracy also gone away and at present you are not very sure about metro also.
Emergency System:
The one thing which I observed during my days in delhi is traffic jams which is very common on all routes in morning and evening.They are huge jams and we cover the distance of home in almost 3 times more than it should take in travelling.
I have seen the Ambulances many times in jams with a patient inside.Is it OK?There is a need of emergency lane/route in all major sensitive point of traffic jams so that the movement of emergency response systems either it is ambulance,fire brigade and police.should not be effected.
Innovative System:
Govt should take some innovative steps to promote and maintain the urban mobilisation.It may be in the form of facilities at your door either it is for ATM,medical,employment,justice or education.Another thing is to promote usa of unconventional energy.A bicycle ride or a small walk is good to cover a small distance but it should be promoted through various ways so that people not only obey but enjoy the system.


Ganhi ji always favoured villages which depends on their own resouces and utilize the things in natural way with sustainable development.Infact he was a good environmentalist also,he was able to recognize trees of different kinds and their effects,he was able to make medicines from plants and he was really able to make the villages full of natural beauty with lot of happiness all round.

We also may adopt gandhian approach to build our villages and semi urban areas pollution free.We have to make efficient use of natural resources,we have to go for bicycle ride or small walk to cover small distance rather than using autovehicles and many other ideas.These all may bring down some pollution level and will help in sustainable development.

ravi nitesh

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