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Physician: "What about your memory?" Gandhi: "As rotten as you can imagine. I have lost the memory for details. I often envied my friends who could roll out whole poems after reading them once." Gandhi added: "If you can give me that gift, shall become your unpaid advertising agent." Physician: "God alone can give these gifts, Mahatmaji."

Physician: "Do you remember the occasion when years ago you visited the Mission Hospital at Hardwar? It was I who took you around." Gandhi: "Yes, I remember visiting the Hospital at Hardwar." Physician: "Then your memory is quite good." Gandhi: "No, I have a very poor memory, and I do not remember you at all." The physician then proceeded to put down his observations, and gave the note to Gandhi for verification. The note read: "Temperament very intelligent, given to philosophic and religious studies...." Gandhi put a big question mark before the data on temperament. Physician: "Is it all right?" Gandhi: "How should I know?" Dr. B.C. Roy, who was a colleague in the struggle for freedom and also one of Gandhi's personal physicians, added: "To these you should add one more, i.e. the habit to question any allegations of virtue." The physician smiled and said: "That is modesty." Gandhi: "Modesty has never been my weakness."
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