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Follow Your Bliss by Dermot Butterly aka Gandhi Rolling Stone

Greetings my dear readers. Here I sit in my little camper in the long-term parking lot of the Oklahoma City airport hoping they don’t kick me out in the middle of the night. You see I just returned from a few days in Los Angeles getting some dental work done and now I’m back on the road. I’m feeling quite sad and even a little sorry for myself. The transition from a hot apartment, great meals, and the warmth of my girlfriend’s body as I sleep next to her to a freezing cold camper and nothing but the cold air to hold on to is a little challenging, to say the least. I listened to some spiritual words from Yogananda and reminded myself that every day is new and it is ok to feel this way just for today.
I wanted to talk about the little chat I had with the cab driver on the way to the LAX Airport today. His name I have forgotten but I know he was from Russia. Dark black hair, good looking but I believe I saw a tear of sadness behind his fake designer sunglasses. He told me he was not happy living in L.A. All he wanted to do was to live in a small town away from L.A in the country near a lake. Why don’t you move I asked? He then spent the next twenty minutes telling me all the reasons why he could not. I asked him, what was more important, finding a way to create his dream or finding ways not to. Just because it is hard, does not mean it is impossible. I told him all about my walk and how scared I was when I first started to organize it all. I had no idea how to do it and no money to do it with, but where there is a will there is always a way. He said it was too hard and I said it’s harder to live the lie of not believing it’s possible than to go and create the life you want. I wondered how many people lie or convince themselves that the life they want is not possible. In this Universe of Infinite possibilities, anything is possible. The Universe only says YES. If you say I cannot have that, the Universe says YES you are right and when you say I can have that, the Universe says YES you are right. Whatever you believe that is what you will create.
I asked Russian cabbie when you are ninety years of age, sitting in your rocking chair inside your noisy L.A apartment looking back on your life, what will you say about it? I’m so glad that I never made the effort to live in that wonderful town by the lake, or will you say I’m so sad I never even tried? This question really made him wonder. It’s good to ask ourselves these deep questions every now and then. So many people look back from the rocking chair and say I wish I had done blankety blank well my dear reader you can fill in the rest of the story.
Life is constantly inviting us to create the life we want everyday and in everyway but most of us are too afraid. I spent most of my life feeling and acting this way.
My dear reader whatever you want to do, please start it now. Take small steps towards your new life. This is the time. Not tomorrow, not yesterday, but today, NOW. Find out what makes you happy and move towards it. I guarantee you miracles will happen. The journey of ten thousand miles begins with one step. Peace and Blessings, Gandhi Rolling Stone.
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Comment by Pamela Jambeck on February 3, 2009 at 14:32
My dear Dermot...there's something about the Irish...especially when they let go...and let "God"...I know you will do this and it is a shining example of PEACE for the many of us who are doing it vicariously with you. PEACE PILGRIM is a heroine to me as well. Your stopping at high schools is absolutely the best part of this even tho' you know the change that's happening to you inside...These students need to know about that and to have an example of making the change happen. Your discussion with the boys in Texas...great...the cabbie...wonderful. Each and every action you take to show that it can be done makes a rippling effect. Please don't give up or give in to the noisy clang of materialistic/bombastic society. Individually we WILL change this world. One person at a time. Blessings on your travels and on YOU!!!
Comment by Dermot Butterly on January 19, 2009 at 17:09
Take a walk with me down this street

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