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Gandhi Peace Walk- Irishman dressed as Gandhi makes it to D.C

Well my Dear Boys and Girls, after fifteen months of walking the country, I have finally made it home. Here we are at the end of one road and the beginning of another, such is Life. A man once asked me, "Why are you walking across the country?" At the time i didn't know why, maybe it was just to stretch my legs or lose a few pounds. Well, I still can't tell him the Why of it, but I can most certainly tell him what I have learned from doing it. It goes something like this.
Starting off in May of 2008 I had absolutely no idea how I could possibly walk from L.A to D.C and what I could achieve as a result of doing so. I had very little funds starting out and even less confidence, but somehow I had enough trust to get me started in the right direction. Confidence I found out is achieved through doing and not thinking. So little by little, day by day, I slowly started to let go and trust that all would work out and day by day, little by little, it did. I took baby steps in the direction I wanted to go and the Universe held my hand as I did so. I leaned up against my fears, reminding myself daily to laugh and not to take myself too seriously.
The more I walked the path the more I began to trust. I let go of my plans and allowed something greater than I to take the helm. It was not an easy thing for me to do but it was by far the smartest thing to do.
Everyday I laughed a little more and some days I cried a little more, but through it all I kept myself open to new possibilities and miracles happened daily. I learned to drop the oars, stop rowing upstream, allowing the natural current of abundance to take me for a ride.
I learned to ask for help when I needed it and accepted when given, something I always felt was a weak thing to do, but now I can tell you dear reader that abundance comes in many forms. After all we are here to help each other.
I learned that people regardless of what state they were in, all wanted love and respect, they all wanted a friend to talk to, and they all wanted a little more peace in their lives. I learned that every little thing we do towards peace in our own lives benefits the entire Planet(no exceptions)
So Dear Reader, if you feel a bit discouraged with the consciousness of the Planet right now, don't worry, this is simply the storm before the calm. I believe that the Divine architecture for the planet is Peace. How soon that happens? Well, that's up to us. Keep taking baby steps to improve your life and the lives of others. When you feel down go out and find some way to be of service to another. I have found this to be the secret to a happy life. Everything you do counts, so do your life well, live for today, and let tomorrow take care of itself. Thank you for all the love, support, and kindness you have shown this Paddy Peace Walker for the last 15 months.


To Michael Ireland for all the wisdom and support
To Martin Dunkerton for the cheerful enthusiasm and support towards the vision
To Andrew Beath for his friendship and the extra funds
To Shailee Mashruwala for all the love, compassion, and heart warming snacks
To Michael Weatherhead for going the extra mile to capture it all on camera
To my loving, outrageous, comical, caring, and wonderful Family-I thank you one and all for just showing up and being there for me
A special thank you to all the people who opened their homes, hearts, and refrigerators to me while on the road
And to you my dear readers, thank you for being a gracious and wonderful audience and for all the support and feedback
Cheers to you, you, you, and you :)


We have not yet raised all the necessary funds to build our education center in India. If you feel to donate towards our vision, please visit our website at:
or if you would like to make a tax deduction for your donation please mail a check made out to earthways/gandhipeacewalk at 20178 rockport way, Malibu CA 90265. The Gandhi Peacewak is a project of Earthways a non-profit 501(C3) organization.

Please FORWARD this newletter to anyone you think would enjoy reading it.

Peace and Truth,
Dermot Butterly, aka Gandhi Rollingstone :)

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