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Well my dear boys and girls here we are again. Friday of last week I crossed over the border into Virginia, (2,756 miles later) the last state of my peace walk. Here is a litle story to warm the cockles of your heart.
I left my transport vehicle in Nashville,TN and decided to pick it up in four weeks. I wanted to experiment with letting go of all my attachments to things and just see what happened. An experiment in Trust if you will. You see I believe that we are abundant beings and the Universe gives us everything we need, not always what we want though, but we must believe this first in order to see it. With that in mind I wanted to test out the theory on myself at a deeper level than ever before in my life.
So I said Cherioo to my camper and left Nashville not knowing where I was going to sleep or eat for the next four weeks. Later on that day I got a call from a man in Lebanon,TN inviting me to come stay at his home for the night. After walking he picked me up and his lovely wife fed me some of the best home cooking I've ever had. For the next four days Dan drove me back and forth to my walking stops and picked me up in the evening. Having a hot shower and a warm bed for the night was wonderful. At the end of four days, Dan got me a place to stay in the next town on my walk.
This time I stayed with a couple in the town of Smithville,TN.
Bert and Betsy treated me like royalty. I got my own bed in the guest house and use of the pool and great company to match. They drove me to and fro for a few days and also donated to my walk. I must admit dear reader I had a hard time leaving. Well my experiment was proving to be quite the adventure. Staying with people I had never met and not knowing where I would end up at the end of the day was becoming a wonderful, freeing experience. Down to my last dollar I entered the town of Jefferson city and I walked into a sandwich shop. I had 7 dollars to my name. As I was ordering my lunch to go, a lady asked me what I was doing, I told her the story of my peace walk. She handed me 20 dollars and said put that towards your walk. I got my sandwich and asked the lady to join me. We had a great conversation about life and all its little surprises, and before leaving she handed me another 20 dollars and said goodbye. Leaving the shop I laughed at the thought of how many people actually enter a sandwich shop and leave with more than they entered with.
I walked all day and arrived in the tiny town of Mosheim. I stopped by a few churches to find a place to sleep overnight, but no one was home. After a lengthy and very confusing conversation with the local librarian about directions to the pastor's house, I headed out with only a small idea of where the house was but lots of trust to guide me. I walked for another two miles, tired and quite hungry at this point. As I passed a house, a car was leaving, the driver pulled up and asked if he could help me. I'm looking for Richard Smith the pastor of the Baptist church. Well my friend you just found him. Hop in he said, come eat with us and later we will get you set up in the church. We had a lovely dinner, talked about life and all things religious. In the morning Richard bought me breakfast, with a full belly and a happy heart, I hit the road.
During this four week adventure, every night, porches, churches, and homes were to be my resting place. I was given food and shelter every day and all I had to do was put one foot in front of the other and trust the abundance of the Universe within and without. Starting this experiment I had alot of fear and doubt but as it unfolded my trust deepened and my heart lightened. I have never felt such freedom. Not knowing every day is an incredible experience in itself. Life is truly lived in the unknown. There were many such miracles daily, all too many to share here, you will just have to wait for the book. If I could sum it all up in a few words, I would quote a sign on a church that I saw on the very first day of my experiment. "When nothing is sure , everything is possible."
Well my dear readers I hope you found some wisdom and humor in my little adventure and the cockles of your heart have been warmed. Take care of yourself and each other. And please remember to enjoy the journey for it is perfect, Divine and full of unexpected surprises.

We are kindly asking for donations so that we may complete the last three and a half weeks of our peace walk. Information on how to make a donation is given below.
Peace and blessings, The Gandhi Peace Walk
Dermot Butterly and Shailee Mashruwala

The walk is primarily being run on kind donations which are gratefully received at
If you would like to make a tax deduction for your donation, please make a check out to Earthways/gandhipeacewalk at 20178 rockport way, Malibu CA 90265.
The Gandhi Peace Walk is a project of EarthWays a non-profit organisation.

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