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Let us read Gandhiji again...

By S C Jaini

Gandhiji was born in 1869 in Porbander, in a small principality of kathaiwar being governed by an Indian prince. His father was the Diwan in the court. The family was well provided for and had a comfortable living, in the given surroundings. His mother Putlibai, was a devout lady and had tremendous influence on the mind of young Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. Like most homes, religion was taught early in life and the house open to holy men of all religions, who would be frequent guests of the house. Religious rituals including periodic fasts were part of the household culture. The elders of the household were held in high esteem and would be obeyed as a rule. The oldest brother of young Mohandas was responsible for his proper grooming and education, including the decision to go to England for his studies in Law. In school Mohandas was an average student with no spark of brilliance and did his work as any average student of his age. However one particular quality that set him apart from the others was his personal integrity. During one of the inspection by the Inspector of schools, the teacher prompted him to copy from the fellow student, to correct his mistake. Mohandas did not do as directed and was later reprimanded for his foolishness. Gandhiji records, that despite the fact that he did not approve of the cheating, his respect for his teacher remained undiminished.


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