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In view of Gandhi Jayanthi celebrations on 2nd October, the Center for Information Technology and Gandhian Philosophy of Non-violence and Peace(CIT-GPNP) has sufficed to take a Pledge for Non-violence and Peace.

As declared by United Nations to commemorate the International Day of Non-violence and Peace, Gandhi Jayanthi and to spread the message of peace, non-violence and brotherhood, CIT-GPNP has invited schools and colleges to take active participation in this nation-wide event.

A copy of the pledge written in both English and the regional language(Tamil) has been sent to 16 Higher Secondary and Matric schools in the District capital, Salem and students are requested to take an oath during their regular parayer meetings on or before 2nd October.

The pledge is:

I shall work for promoting harmony, goodwill, love, non-violence and peace in the world and shall respect all human beings on the grounds of our common humanity regardless of race, creed, country, religion, language or gender;
I shall not support or resort to any violence and intolerance under any circumstances;
I shall always support the truth and justice without any fear or prejudices;
I shall work for the elimination of all weapons & violent means;
I shall endeavour to resolve all differences through dialogue and constitutional means without resorting to violence.
I further pledge that I shall strive to do everything in my capacity to establish WORLD-PEACE.

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