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Gandhi Bashing a popular sport of Modern Indians

Gandhi Bashing: A popular sport of Modern Indians

I post regularly on Gandhi and I do have a personal philosophy which encompasses many thought processes including Gandhi’s ideas. His complete life is a message for me, his struggle with himself, his struggle with the oppressors, his ways, his words, and everything he did mark my words, everything he did. A man who personified that he always did what he taught correct and standing up to his high sense of morals.

My last post was again on him. The first reaction I got was from my son’s friend, he told me that Gandhi some how got Bhagat Singh and others killed by the British. I was taken aback; it was surprising that the young boy did not know anything at all about Gandhi. I explained him the situation at that time and for all the readers of this note, Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and  Sukhdev were hanged  on March 23, 1931. The article written by Mahatma Gandhi appeared in “Young India “ on March 29, 1931,the excerpts of the article as it is are here

I quote him.

Bhagat Singh and his two associates have been hanged. The Congress made many attempts to save their lives and the Government entertained many hopes of it, but all has been in a vain. Bhagat Singh did not wish to live. He refused to apologize, or even file an appeal. Bhagat Singh was not a devotee of non-violence, but he did not subscribe to the religion of violence.  He took to violence due to helplessness and to defend his homeland. In his last letter, Bhagat Singh wrote --" I have been arrested while waging a war. For me there can be no gallows. Put me into the mouth of cannon and blow me off."  These heroes had conquered the fear of death. Let us bow to them a thousand times for their heroism.

But we should not imitate their act. In our land of millions of destitute and crippled people, if we take to the practice of seeking justice through murder, there will be a terrifying situation. Our poor people will become victims of our atrocities.  By making a dharma of violence, we shall be reaping the fruit of our own actions.

Hence, though we praise the courage of these brave men, we should never countenance their activities. Our dharma is to swallow our anger, abide by the discipline of non-violence and carry out our duty.

I unquote him.

I think he paid his tributes to Bhagat Singh and others and stuck to his own principles for the future of the struggle. Gandhi held the ‘means’ and the’ goal’ both very important, unlike Karl Marx who said ‘any means’ is good as far as we are able to achieve an ideal way of living. Both seem to have failed to the whole world, but history of civilization is only 5000 years long. The present movement for removing corruption is proving how correct Gandhi was

Another fact for which Gandhi is blamed unashamedly, by people, that he divided India. Let us look into the facts. The demand for a separate Muslim electorate was not new. The seeds were laid already by Sir Syed by the end of 19th century. But Sir Syed was a Islamic reformer too, later even Allma Iqbal wanted a separate Muslim nation.  Iqbal encouraged the formation of Pakistan and worked closely with Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

Gandhi always stood for Unified India; he held talks and none worked with the Muslim league. Gandhi said at that time, that let the British give Independence and after that we can work out the internal workings as per the demands of Mohd Ali Jinnah. The congress by early 1947 stopped listening anything suggested by Gandhi. He was isolated and congress fearing a civil war, agreed for Partitioning India. Main players in partition of India were those who wanted Power. The Independence Day was spent by Gandhi as a fast because his ”Motherland” was devided.When Political head of the newly formed India was talking about his ”Tryst with Destiny” Gandhi was controlling communal riots in another part of the country.

Gandhi was pro Muslim, why not? He was Pro India actually and India stands not just for Hindus, Muslims, and Christians in fact anyone who lives in this country. The reader of this note is Pro India? And all the readers who are not Pro Muslim, Christian etc for development and emancipation of this nation I cannot help.

But does the Young generation know a statement by Winston Churchill about Gandhi?  ” it is alarming to see Mr. Gandhi, a seditious Middle Temple lawyer, now posing as a fakir of a type well known in the East, striding half-naked up the steps of the Viceregal Palace, while he is still organizing and conducting a defiant campaign of civil disobedience, to parley on equal terms with the representative of the King-Emperor."

Look into this, he was a lawyer educated in England. He was the part of selected elite of His time.Whenhis practice was thriving in South Africa according to conservative estimates he was making 6000 British pounds per year , at the beginning of 20th century. A Huge income, a nice family, nice life, you and me will do anything to get such a life. And he left it all to fight for all who were not as privileged as him. He spent the rest of his life in penury and on charity and did not take any rest till his last day. Half naked Indian Fakeer told Churchill, perhaps all those who think of him as unfashionable , and do not know why he lived like that must know the Half naked Indian Fakeer had the tenacity and guts to “Stride the Viceregal palace…and was conducting a defiant campaign of civil disobedience, and to parley on equal terms with ……….” He was not ashamed about anything and took responsibility, can any one of us are ready to take this responsibility. We have huge issues here in India and abroad.

There are many allegations against Gandhi, and I request the reader to raise them, I cannot cover them all in a note which is already getting large. Come out and talk to me. Wait for the proposal of a new world order by me and look how Gandhi’s ideals always figure in that. Look how Anna Hazare is trying to do things based on Gandhi’s ideals and then abuse him.

Know Gandhi and only after you are convinced that he was wrong then detest him, do not follow fashion of modern times of Bashing Gandhi. Know and then criticize in a proper civil way.

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