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More I dig deeper, closer and closer I find Gandhi and Ayurveda. Few days back I was in Rishikesh with a group of student from Italy. The topic was Sankhya Darshan, the basic foundation of Ayurveda. Duiring the course I discovered that in Chapter four, Sutra five, which says, "Shwenvat SukhdhukhiTyagviyogabhiam". It means the basic cause of Dukha is Parigraha, and not the Cancer or Heart Ailments or Hypertention or Aids, as the modern medical science says. It means Aprigraha is the the secreat of 'Swasatha', the real happiness and good health in the world. Interstingly enough Gandhi had given so much importance to this concept of Aprigraha that he gave it a place in the Ashram daily Prayers, one of the eleven Vows that every inmate had to live honestly.

Today the global economy is showing recession. Common man's life is becomming more and more miserable. If we realy think of the basic cause, Parigraha is the root.

Coincidentally, It is a very good news that President Obama has said in reply to a question of a 9th grader student, Lily, that if he had a choice to have a dinner with any one, it would be with Mahatma Gandhi. President Obama was speaking to students of a high school near Washington DC. I hope that President Obama means it

I am just giving an humbel suggestion that very near to Capitol Hill, a small experiment on Aprigraha has been carried out by a small Social Community, School of Life, in Bethesda MD. I myself has experienced this couple of times. I hope Prersident Obama will find some time to have an experience of this Commonity. It is a wonderful social experiment that can give an innovative idea idea how to find solution to one of the basic problems of today at the global level.


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Comment by Riccardo Gramegna on September 13, 2009 at 22:56
Aparigraha is for sure the key to make the old world's duhkha turn into the new world sukha...
American society is going through a big change and needs help. Obama's affirmation is a call for help to the gandhian community and we should respond by giving references and guidance. The time is right.. the doors are open.

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