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The real greatness of Mahatma Gandhi lies in his own growth ; growth of his Soul cultivated in culture of Indian soil but well nourished ,manured and irrigated by world -religion ,thought and moral philosophy with his extraordinary power of understanding and tempering and fully knowing that it was all well and true . that no good were bad and bad were good in any thought ,religion or moral science .
He learned and earned to know that one GOD is known by different names ( ekam Sad vipra bahudha vadanti ) and that all men on this Earth are but of one race , one feeling and one kind of thinking that Jesus declared " O Man ! yuo are the salt of the Earth " Gandhi tried all his life to enrich this Salt in him and told us to do the same in all of our actions.
Gandhi with all and full belief aims at growth of individual -human as a man described in Bible and in Vedas . this is what Buddha says -'' grow yourself (aptdeepo bhaw )Soul -growth of man then family then a group or society and then Nation and finally the growth of World -Citizen as a perfect man ,individual ; that he calls the society of RAM -RAJ that has no state but state-men .
What he did in South Africa and thereafter in India and how he shook down the British Empire in India and credited himself with freedom of India and became The Father of Nation all these are no doubt great things and notable contribution to World ...and the thought of Non- Violence ;Styagrah , theory of disobedience .going on fast to remake things gone wrong ...and what he said and wrote and that politics without and with religion ....and many things and thoughts and actions are very very important but most important was and is that how he lived his own personal life ; he grew in his individual soul that looked like touching Universal -Soul ;the Soul to that one can go far .
It is then , difficult to decide , in real Evaluation of his achievement ; as a Hero for his heroic deeds and struggles or a meek ,humble and simple man with all humility , who sacrificed his whole life in search of Truth and Non- Violence for peace and experimented successfully without expecting any reward or recognition but only and only for growth of his own personal holy life .
there are two creeds of great men - Hero and Saints and he was the both . I think, in human history ,they are saints that last longer and Gandhi was more a Saint than Hero .

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