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I would like to know since GandhiServe Foundation is being very useful, how GandhiTopia is going to be different. So please explain us a little bit about GandhiTopia.
This is an interesting question as it has been asked in a similar or same way by others, too.
GandhiTopia is a web initiative by GandhiServe Foundation. Our other activities are in the areas of education and research, normally not web-based. GandhiTopia - - does not replace the GandhiServe Foundation website - - although you may find to some extent same information and material on both websites. Moreover, the GandhiServe Foundation page or my own page on GandhiTopia are not that important. What we want to create is a living network of Gandhian students, scholars, artists, activists and institutions allover. It shall become THE place to share views and information by participating in discussions, blogs and groups, and posting events, and to have a tool for easy communication by commenting on the others page, sending email or chatting - even in a one-by-one private chat. In the future we plan to incorporate free internet telephony (Skynet) and video conferencing as well. The one and only aim is to strengthen Gandhian activities and to create a true global Gandhian movement on and - ideally - also off the web!

I would love to join GandhiTopia. But I'm a computer illiterate! Please tell me how to go about it.
To join GandhiTopia is very simple: goto, click on "Sign Up" on the top right and follow the instructions. You will be asked a few questions about yourself resp. your institution - nothing intimate, don't worry ;-) - and then you'll have a page assigned were you can change your profile, upload an image of yourself (recommanded) as well as additional photos, texts, audio and video. Then you can take part in discussions and groups. You have your own blog for news and can communicate with others easily. Once in a week I send a "Weekly News" email around that consists of admin announcements and the latest ten entries in the Mahatma Gandhi News Digest group.
When answering the profile questions in the beginning you can choose whether your entries shall be seen only by your friends (which you'll make later), all other members or all visitors of your page. The reason for this is that some members don't want their contact details to made visible to all visitors but e.g. only to co-members.
Please check out GandhiTopia carefully before you sign up and let me know should you have any more questions.
I trust that you have read the guidelines:
This may give you some additional information:

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