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Fallen Prison Walls was written more than a decade back sitting in Ernakulam.

Walls have fallen,
prison walls have fallen,
old walls have broken,
for new walls to come up.

Broken are the barriers,
erected of bricks and mortars,
bifurcating the mortals,
as prisoners and police,

advocates and judges.

No prisoners dare escape,
taking advantage of broken barriers,
but judges’ dog dared to escape,
annoying the judges for ever,
against prison authorities and police,
as they feared to lose more than a dog,
with the broken walls and prisoners around.

Annoyance of judges helped
speed up prison wall re-construction,
erecting tall brick and mortar wall barriers
between mortals of all diversity-
prisoners, police, advocates and judges.

Blessed is the judges’ dog,
which got the freedom
that it longed for so long and eluded
until prison walls have fallen.

Freedom is sweeter than
judges’ provided milk and bread
for the dog chained
in judges’ compound for so long.

New prison walls have come up,
taller and stronger than before,
creating unbreakable barriers,
between prisoners, police, advocates and judges,
to the amusement of this onlooker.

This onlooker envy the judges’ dog,
as it could dare to escape judges’ compound,
breaking chain and ignoring the milk and bread provided,
as it considered freedom much sweeter than anything else.

This daring dog provided food for thought,
to this onlooker and judges alike,
provided one has appetite to digest it,
so that no one is denied the freedom,
which is as precious as one’s own life,
and sweeter than anything else.

It is to be seen whether the judges
speed up justice for release of prisoners fast,
to be back home - their own sweet home,
to enjoy freedom they longed for and eluded,
thanks to the existing process of law,
and ever slowly grinding justice in courts.

This onlooker wish,
one day the dog should return,
to stand up on the new prison wall,
and give a “bow bow” sermon to all,
to speed up justice
so that prisoners are released
to go home, their own sweet home
and enjoy the freedom
presently enjoyed by the dog
without judges’ provided milk and bread.

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