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Learning is always good for self-growing. Apart from formal education which has been ever flourishing in present- world and we all have been enrihed immensly; we are yet in dire need of non-formal self-education. One such Subject is Inner-Self-Mathematics to which in Sanskrit langguage is called Sankhya, the science of Numerations. The begining of this Subject is called Adition, which in Sanskrit langguage is known Yoga. So, Sankhya and Yoga look like two Subjects but basically it is one. For biginers it is Yoga and for further complex learnings it is Sankhya.


 It is more essentials for modern students to learn Inner-Self in order to avoid missunderstandings like the one which has caught the eye of the World Media. I mean the controvercial Book  of New York Times Editor which has tried to make Gandhi bye-sexual and some other degrading remarks like impolite to his wife Kasturba and other such incidents. This controversy has basically come-up because of the ignorance of this essential Subject Inner-Self Maths. When we are ignorent of this very essential Subject we all are bound to make such blunders and creat unnessary-controversies that may lead to nothing and masses may get up-set out of nothing. We will deal with this essential Subject in the next Blog. Please wait.   

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