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                                                                    By Brigadier Chitranjan Sawant,VSM

Narendra Bhai Modi made the BJP’s election manifesto in Gujarat released in the capital Ahmedabad today look like, sound like, promise like and empower common man like the Magna Carta did in London in the year 1215. The Monarch had given every right to common man in the street that the latter had craved for for years. The King of England had virtually crowned the common man without parting with his own crown. So did Narendra Bhai Modi to the common man in Gujarat by including in the manifesto everything that voters would like to get without imposing any back-breaking burden as taxes on the citizens of England. Modi has been true to his word during his reign and rule for the last ten years and has promised an Encore in the next five years too.


The Sankalpa Patra as the manifesto is called both in Gujarati and Hindi is a document of Modi’s vision. An eminent political analyst, who did not wish to be identified by name, made a major point by saying that the present Sankalp Patra, will win over the state of Gujarat for the Bhartiya Janata Party but also sweep across Bharat in 2014 and the Modi wave combined with Modi vision will bag and place the throne of Imperial Delhi in the list of laurels won and retained. Other analysts opined that for the time being the Modi wave will remain confined within shores of Guajarat because the situation obtaining in other parts and provinces of India that is Bharat is not akin to that of Gujarat. The consensus was that when we reach the bridge, we shall cross it.

Let us analyse what Modi’s manifesto has promised to the voting citizens of Gujarat and if he will be financially in a position to fulfill his election promises. Professor Dholakia, former Head of IIM, Ahmedabad categorically said that Modi did not promise the moon to the crying children. He has only said that he would build a large number of houses for those who have no shelter overhead. He has been doing just that since he came to power a decade ago and has the wherewithal to carry on with his pet project of Housing for the homeless in the next five years too. Modi has been wise enough not to promise subsidized rate rice or gruel in another form where the government foots the bill because being a pragmatist he knows that the state exchequer could ill-afford do that. At the same time, it must be said in Modi’s favour that he had dished out something of everything for everyone. The electorate did not expect more because they know that Modi would make an announcement to dole out a subsidy only when he knows that he would not have to retract his promise and eat his hat.

It is the Truthfulness of Modi and his desire to swim or sink with his fellow six crore  Gujaratis that has made him a darling boy of the electorate. He shall continue to be so as long as he does not deceive his country and compatriots.


A gentleman who just now returned from Gujarat aptly described Shri Amin’s resignation from the Congress party and subsequent walk over to the BJP just about ten days before Gujarat was to go to polls as Rahul Gandhi’s Waterloo in Gujarat. It was precisely this fear and the inability to keep rank and file of demoralized followers intact that has kept Prince Charming out of the rough and tumble of electoral dogfight so far. In fact the Prince had lost the battle before it began and his deputies were too feeble to bear the cavalry charge of a determined commander like Narendra Modi. Who will win the laurels? Well, the writing is on the wall and any wise man or woman may read it.

The writer of this political piece will not be accused of exaggeration if he writes that Indian National Congress handed over the crown of Gujarat to the Bhartiya Janata Party on a silver platter. Now it fits their Samurai warrior and he not only enjoys wearing it but plans to make it bigger to include the rest of India symbolically for the time being.

It would be indeed appropriate to make a mention of Modi’s political party companion rallying round him like a Greek Phalanx in battlefield. It gave the commander, Narendra Modi, a solid support sans desertion or revolt and he could plan and execute a heavy cavalry charge that the foot soldiers of the enemy camp found it difficult to withstand, what to say of repulsing it or blunting their lances. Experienced stalwarts of many bloody battles like Lal Krishna Advani, Arun Jaitley, Venkayyah Naidu were all there to make plans for the final kill, at least on the drawing board. Among them were archers, gunners, infanteers, army engineers who knew their jobs in the battlefield backwards. Battle experiences had hardened their resolve to engage the enemy in a chakravyuh and tire him out before launching the final assault with a loud and blood chilling battle cry invoking the Dharm Yudh principles to demoralize the enemy who had many an Adharm yudh to his discredit.

How demoralized the Congress camp was could be made out from the fact that Rahul Gandhi, the commander-in-chief designate of the final phase of Mahabharat to be fought on 2014 was conspicuous by his total absence from the battle of Gujarat in 2013. The Congress party President showed her presence to own troops just once. It indeed did not send a good signal down the rank and file whose morale was sagging more and more day by day.


Rani Jhansi Brigade has been raised by Narendra Modi by capturing the hearts and minds of women of Gujarat. The Chief, a bachelor social worker, knew that the Women were more than half the Heaven. To win the final war in 2014, it was essential to have the determined Mahila Mandal transformed into a Rani Jhansi Regiment to beat the British in their own game. When Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose took over the command of the INA he implemented the old plan of raising a Mahila Brigade. It was a roaring success. Narendra Modi followed suit in Gujarat. He announced in his manifesto that 30,000 jobs would be created and offered to suitable ladies of Gujarat. The female electorate believed in his word and is rallying round the BJP offering full support for a final victory. The opposite camp is bereft of such a support from the other half of the vast sky. Buch, an articulate spokesman of the Congress party was quiet on these issues as he knew where did the mistakes lie and unfortunately no remedial action worth the name was in hand. His one line counterattack comprised just one sentence that Modi’s SANKALP PATRA WAS JUST A PACK OF LIES. However, the listeners and viewers of the electronic media programme realized in the heart of their hearts that what Buch said repeatedly merely revealed a bankruptcy of far-reaching plans as well as energy and WILL to move forward to achieve the goal.

Narendra Modi has not only issued his SANKALP PATRA BUT ALSO IDENTIFIED THE LAKSHYA FOR THE Mahabharat of 2014. Modi has determination to proceed towards his lakshya and attain his goal come rain come shine.

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