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Electrical Energy Ends Terror Threat and Excessive Military Spending

Electrical Energy should be our guide toward seeing the benefits to expanding the Electricity Generation Market…with the sole purpose in ending the threat of Terrorism in the World.

I believe the electric market will remove the threat of terrorism we live with in the world. People have to realize there are two markets ... There is the domestic market and then there is the military market.

Electrical Power Lines Photo

They both interact according to the economic and environmental needs of the people. It is getting that right recipe where the military does not dominate our market objectives. Sure we say let the markets work...but when we use force from the military to achieve that we do not have a free market matter if our military marketplace is adding the wrong ingredients to the recipe for stability, and real security. The ability to have less military spending for protecting interests means we have a true functional working market place.

Most of the terror has come about because of Oil... Saddam torching his own oil fields, not to mention the lack there of in Oil supplies in the US...which the US looks towards in the middle east and in Afghanistan for....Hence Enron and 911 was born. They then use the Military to get those resources. Not to mention the Big BP Oil spill.

We need to realize that an electric market is much more secure in delivering energy to the people, with less threat while being distributed throughout the market place. There are no big ship oil tankers to have huge oil spills into our waterways, there are no big pipelines that terrorist target to disrupt oil flow, there is no perception that Oil is being taken from one country into another because of cohersion...or the
perception that a country is under occupation.

There is no perception that the big elite are planning war into further countries by promoting the low prices of Oil to achieve their goals. There is not the huge expense and use of Oil to transport via tanker trucks to so many petro stations around the world, and the risk of having them become targets for terrorist to blow up...or steal by pirates who would do the unthinkable such as pay the ransom, or have the Oil dumped into the ocean....for an environmental disaster.

It is much easier and more secure to deliver electric power to people than delivering petro to people. Energy is directed to their homes, for their electric cars to be powered....and although some people think the limited driving range is a problem, it certainly would be a plus such as in Iraq and Afghanistan to limit the range in how far a terrorist can travel.

The idea that guarding miles of pipeline from terrorist's is a daunting task...and it takes a much longer time to repair and cleanup...than simply hooking up new electric lines. Electric lines although can be targets to terrorist it is much less likely because such lines are usually for the local community to use, whereas Oil pipelines is perceived as transporting their resources out to another country for their
profits…while they live in dire poverty....such as the case in Niger, Nigeria and

Oil PipeLines Photo

Using an electric market would mean less spending on a military to guard the Oil distribution system...which itself is always a time bomb in itself because of the nature of Oil and gas being so explosive. Likewise gas cars do not become weapons in themselves for high speed crashes into people and tourists to explode with the extra fuel from gasoline to initiate such damage…

Also there is Global Warming because the Ice Caps are melting in the Arctic... Is
it the threat of the rise of the water table in the world? Not as much as the
frozen methane that is now trapped in ice to be released into the Atmosphere
making more of an environmental emergency than we have now....if we continue
following the Oil brick OZ.

It is far easier and more economical to build an electric generation plant over an Oil well to use for electric power use....than to waste time and energy pumping Oil, cracking it for gas, and needing to waste more energy by transporting it to the millions of miles in the distribution network.

It means less cost for security, because we only need to secure the Electric Generation Plant instead of the multiple realities of trucks, pipelines, equipment connected to the Oil industry in order to make it work... Like its name implies fossil a dinosaur we need to realize is dead.

An electric market is smarter,safer, and creates ultimately many more jobs than the Oil Market.

This also means we are more able to have friendly relations in the world, because we offer people a means to how to use their Oil for electric bring the electric cars and education benefits to include them in the world of nations as friends instead of foes.

Electric Cars Photo

Which is less expensive trapping Carbon from an Electric Generation plant that uses Oil for creating electric power....Or thinking we have reliable means to trapping carbon from the millions of individual cars that run each and everyday in the transportation sector? Hands down electric is the winner in this war of energy.

We should be capping oil wells...and shutting down the Oil lobby.....making it more favorable for the expansion of the Electric Market. I hope to make it obvious that the price of Oil will remain high for the unforeseeable it should discourage order to promote the Electric Car market....and to reduce gas emissions that pollute our air from the use of Oil.

The electric market is smarter for governments and it frees up money that is being wasted in the Oil industry to be used for other concerns such as paying off the 700 billion bank bailout, and 787 billion stimulus the politicians created.

Of course the US trucking industry uses Oil, but more firms are converting their trucks to use methane gas to power their rigs... Electric cars are more reliable in the winter time, because we don't worry about an engine freezing up. Although battery technology has not reached its full car designs can have hybrid heaters installed that could give consumers the choice of what alternative energy they wanted to use to heat their cars inside...such as methane gas, natural gas, ethanol, algae oil, or wood pellets to corn.

It is time to address this issue...because with the failed economy, and the continued occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan.....we need to show a way forward so those countries start ending their terror acts...because they think our presence there is to hijack their Oil resources to our country.

We are not....and by showing we support the Electric Market place…this electric market plan will give Iraqis hope in the world during a period of downturn. It will give them assurances that their Oil is not going to be used for our markets, because we know that Oil is not our solution or their solution to economic recovery and stability
and toward ending terror....but electricity is our answer in the long projected

The US should be looking toward giving Iraq and Afghanistan jobs in the Electric Industry and, consider Electric Auto Companies part of everyone’s economic security.

Stop Global Warming Photo

It is my hope that The United States Government and Private Sector will realize the good to this choice. It means the troops will come home sooner....and we will have an energy plan that not only benefits Iraq and the USA, but be a blueprint for the not only stopping terrorism…but stopping the threat of Global Warming.

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