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e-Newsletter of Gandhi Seva Kendra, Hyderabad

e-Newsletter of Gandhi Seva Kendra, Hyderabad

Many regions of the world are inflicted by violence and strife. Peace loving people all over the world, including leaders, are in search for a solution to these problems. One name that emerges is that of Mahatma Gandhi. Mahatma Gandhi is more relevant than ever in the world today. Many peace-loving individuals and organizations are trying to find ways of establishing peace in the world through the teachings of Gandhiji. From several world leaders to common man, have drawn inspiration from Gandhiji. The significance of Gandhiji’s teachings of truth, non-violence, peace, brotherhood, equality, conflict resolution and harmonious living are imperative in today’s world which is of full of hatred, violence, exploitation and inequality. 

In this context, Gandhi Seva Kendra, at Hyderabad have put a step ahead to propagate Gandhiji’s ideology in the form of a book centre on 2nd October, 2013 with the objective to promote Gandhian philosophy. 

Here we presents e news letter of Gandhi Seva Kendra, Hyderabad with additional features and news on the activities of the Kendra. 

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