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Dear Friends,

As you are aware of that the anti-POSCO movement is continuing in the proposed

steel plant area of POSCO in three Panchayats in Jagatsinghpur District (Orissa) since 2005. Local people are drawn in with strong commitment in this struggle. Consequently, the Government bureaucracy, hand in glove with POSCO, charged several false cases on the activists and leaders of anti-POSCO movement to offend the common people in this movement. The South Korean Company also used the muscle power hiring local goons to suppress the movement.

Even after all that the moral of local people couldn’t been put down by such crooked effort. Then Government realized that the movement can’t be suppressed; it used the state power to arrest the major leaderships.

Proposed site of POSO Steel Plant
Dr. Biswajit Ray, Ex. National Convener of Rastriya Yuva Sangathan and a leader of anti-POSCO movement was arrested on 15th July, 2009 at Cuttack. As you know that Rastriya Yuva Sangathan and Navnirman Samiti are doing satyagraha as anti-POSCO movement. Since we believe in non-violence, there is no question arises of violence or hatred to anybody. In spite of that Dr. Ray has been arrested on the false charges of 34 sections of Indian Penal Code (IPC) such as GR 158/06- section 143, 342, 427, 294, 506, 109, 149, GR 58/06 – Section 143, 452, 353, 506, 149, GR 131/06- Section 147, 148, 342, 294, 354, 427, 379, 365, 322, 336, GR 251/07- section 147, 148, 341, 294, 427, 342, 395, 365, 149, GR 218/07- section 294, 506, 349.

This may be the new strategy of the Government to take all the leaderships in a round to establish the POSCO steel plant. Accordingly, we believe that such arrests on the forged charges may be a process to initiate the land acquiring process in the area.

Therefore, we request all the friends and sympathizers to send the letter to the Chief Minister of Orissa, the Governor of Orissa, and Director General of Police to release Dr. Biswajit Ray without any condition as early as possible. The details of contacts are given below:

Mr. Naveen Pattnayak

Chief Minister of Orissa

Naveen Nivas, Aerodrome Road, P.O.-Bhubaneswar,

Dist.-Khurda, Pin-751001 (Orissa)

Tel. No. (O) 0674 - 2531100, 2535100, 2531500, Epbax 2163

Tel. No. (R) 0674 - 2590299, 2591099, 2590844, 2591100, 2590833

Fax No. (R) 0674 - 2590833, 2535100(O)

Email ID:

Governor of Orissa

Tel. No. 0674 - 2536699

Fax No. 0674 - 2536582

Director General of Police (Orissa)

Tel. No. 0671- 2306501, 2304451, 2301247

Fax No. 0671 - 2304033

We may organize a workshop in Bhubaneswar in the near future. I will communicate you afterwards in this regard.


Yours sincerely,


Rastriya Yuva Sangathan

Navnirman Samiti (Yuva Bharat)


167 A/GH-2, Pashchim Vihar, New Delhi-63

Date : 21.07.2009

Sri Navin Patnaik,
Chief Minister,
Govt. of Orissa,

Dear Sir,
Re. : For release of Dr. Bishwajit Ray.

We wish to draw your attention to the following facts for your kind perusal and necessary intervention to save the democratic rights of the people from the bizarre action of the state police.
Dr. Bishwajit Ray anti Posco movement leader and ex-national convener of Rastriya Yuva Sangthan, a youth organization working on the principle and ideology of Mahatma Gandhi, was arrested on 15th July, 2009 at Cuttack, Orissa on the false charges. He has been charge with 34 sections such as GR 156/06 section 143, 342, 427, 294, 506, 109, 149, GR 58/06, sections 143. 452. 353. 506, 149, GR 131/06 – section 147. 148, 342, 294, 354, 427, 379, 365, 322, 336, GR 251/07 – section 147, 148, 341, 294, 427, 342, 395, 365, 149, GR 218/07 – sections 294, 506, 349.
It is not out of place to mention that a strong people movement against propose steel plant of posco in three panchayat Nuagaon, Dhinkia and Gada Kujanga near Paradeep in Jagatsinghpur District is continuing ever since Posco MoU was signed on 22nd June 2005 between Govt. of Orissa and Pohang Steel Company of South Korea. Due to strong opposition of the local people to the project the land acquisition for posco could not take place.
I would like to make it clear that this people movement supported by Rastriy Yuva Sangthan and Navnirman Samiti (Yuva Bharat) is completely peaceful and non-violence based on Gandhian method.
It appears local administration failed to convince people in support of posco decided to take other roots in connivance with Posco Company to clear the hurdle for the project by implicating false cases against leader associated with the anti posco movement.
Posco Company also used muscle power through local goons to suppress the movement.
This act of the administration is highly undemocratic and uncalled for.
As per our constitution to mobilize public opinion is a democratic right of the people. The basic questions arise, what is the role of the state? For whom it stands whether people or profit monger multinational corporations.
Sir, may I ask you, is it a crime to lend support to anti posco movement? By supporting the peaceful and non-violent movement does Dr. Bishwajit Ray be come a criminal?
If not why false and fabricated charges have been leveled against him and he has been put behind the bar for no fault of him.
Such an act of administration and government of Orissa is in seer violation of democratic and human rights. It is also against the sprit of our constitution. Such an act has no room in any democratic society.
I, therefore, demand the following :
1. To release Dr. Bishwajit Ray immediately.
2. To withdraw all cases leveled against him.
3. In the larger interest of the people and the state please re consider Posco Project.

I hope and trust you will take suitable remedial action immediately to stem the rot and bring justice to Dr. Bishwajit Ray.
Yours truly,

(Ashok Bharat)
National coordinator



Honorable Mr. Naveen Pattnayak:

It has come to our attention here in the United States that you have arrested the honorable Dr. Biswajit Ray, an outspoken and stalwart opponent to the new POSCO steel plant planned for the district of Orissa. Quite frankly, I am amazed at such a strong-armed approach to a very divisive issue for your people in Orissa. Clearly, the public mandate is NOT in favor of this plant. How does your office justify this "development" in light of the peoples' mandate, the world-wide global warming crisis and the world-wide ecological crisis? You must know that when the people mandate opposition to such an unbalanced public plan, no matter how many you arrest, there will be legions more coming to take their place, and that news will spread fast beyond your borders when you defy the will of the people.

In this light, I ask, in fact I urgently request, that your officers release Dr. Ray unconditionally, and immediately. Please reconsider your plans with POSCO, for you know if the people will it, it WILL be defeated. And you must also know that the people, united, will NEVER be defeated!

Morgana Washington
Mid-Hudson Valley, NY, USA
"You must be the change you wish to see in the world" - M.K.Gandhi

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Comment by Amit Kohli on August 28, 2009 at 18:15
Dear Friends,
Dr. Biswajeet is been released on bail on August 3.
Thanks for your support.
Comment by Kavita Kowshik on August 17, 2009 at 7:59
Please also contact Sunita Narayan at CSE ( Centre for Science & Environment) Delhi.
Comment by Morgana Washington on July 29, 2009 at 18:15
I really suggest getting involved in this - that is Dr. Vandana Shiva's organization. As you may know, this group has successfully sued Monsanto three times and are pending a fourth. I also will email the Governor for Dr. Ray's unconditional release. Aunty kamala is right! HOW can they continue this ridiculous plan of so-called "development" with the economic and ecological crises already beyond the tipping points??? This is insane, but unfortunately, this insanity has alot of company in the world. Please, Amit, get word to the peoples of Orissa that they have supporters everywhere!!!
Comment by Aunty Kamala on July 26, 2009 at 15:28
Done for the Governor. I need emails for the other two. POSCO is a tremendous menace to the people and environment of coastal Orissa. Anyone live near a steel plant? Good grief. In light of the ethical, climate and economic crisis, to go ahead with such a project is like being an ostrich with its head stuck in the sand. We have to work hard to make our government servants realize they are our servants, not our Lords.
Lets get going on this one!
Aunty Kamala

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