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Docufilm on Gandhian SARVODAYAM KURIAN of Vypeen, Narakkal, Kerala

I am toying with the idea of making a documentary on the life and testimony of the late SARVODAYAM KURIAN - a true Gandhian in the southern Indian state of Kerala... who has been a great inspiration in my life.
He was a Gandhian activist who served as volunteer in Trincomalee (Ceylon, now Sri Lanka) during WWII.
After WWII he set up his own medical shop to aid the poor and marginalized in his native Vypeen Island, Narakkal in Kerala.
He was always there to serve the needy in natural calamities like floods, small pox plague etc...
Also taking care of the abandoned children and burying/cremating the unclaimed dead!
During the 1971 Bangadesh war he came to Calcutta with medcines from Kochi to serve the refugees on the Indo-Bangaldesh border...
Though unorthodox in many ways, he was a legend in Vypeen Island, near Kochi Kerala.
You could do a google search on his exploits... just type"Sarvodayam Kurian".
Here is a typical case about him... pls chk the LAST but one para of the link item.

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