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Dear Polly, It is good to know that you have your roots in Greek, that is the proof of Sanskaras of the previous birth. It is a scientifically proven fact that human being has to take a birth so long as his Karma and Sanskara does not get reduce to zero. Actually speaking, the journey towards VG is nothing but tracing the way by which human being could find the process of zeroing his falls identification and serch his/her reality, the basic goale of human life.And once human being is able to find the reality of life his/her vicious circle of life and death is over. That is why Gandhi always used to say that the goal of his life is to attain Moksha. Nirvana, as you have reffered is just the same as Moksha. Nirvana is Buddha way of explaing or salvation in Christian traditions. The basic idea is how to cut the shackles of birth and death time and again.

All rich and positive traditions in all Faiths is nothing but to get rid of vicious circle of Karma and Sanskara, and the HD is the root cause. Most of the world problems are due to the folies of this half truth and our only mistake is not trying to find the whole Truth. It is not very difficult as you have said that being born in Greek origin you have the liking of going into details of this subject. It means every human being has the capacity to finsd the Truth if he/hhe sincierely tries and it is rather easy.

Dhukha as you have reffered, is nothing but our own ignorence. Only when we persume that we are body only, our day to day journey towards HD. The moment one realizes the VG direction there is no Dhukha. You have also reffered Aprigraha. It is very much relevent in moderen world because all our efforts towards HD is due to our unscienctific approach of blindly competing for more and more worldely attractions. Sankhaya Darshan as well as Isavasyopnishad has beautifuly explained. And I have given in details in the Blog of Gandhi and Ayurveda,

Ayurveda is not whole as you persume it is juat part of the rich Vedic traditions.This we will discuss in the next Blog. Please write me if you have any problem in understanding. Blessings for now.

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Comment by Arya Bhushan Bhardwaj on December 6, 2009 at 11:57
Thanks pooly, any question or doubt, please write, blessings, Arya.

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