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Dear Polly, Thanks for your deep interest in the subject. I respect your way of thinking. I would reply your questions. My humble suggestion to you is to have a look on the Blogs on Gandhi and Ayurveda. That will help you to understand the subject more easly. I have read your note and could feel that you are very much eager to know about the subject. Your questions are very much relevent. But it is difficult to deal with them unless you have full background of the concepts that are in Sanskrit. For example you persumes that Vivek is Nirvana.

A little background will be helpful to know how this blog got developed. Metthew from Gandhi Founation, UK was wondering as to how I co-relate Gandhi with Ayurveda. That is how the dialough was started and came up to 17 Blogs.
coincidentely, many Sanskrit terms have been explained. So may be useful or you and for me also in order to a void the duplication.

I hope you will find time to go through those Blogs. Then our discussion will be more fruitful. Blessings.

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