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Deep Down Inside, I'm Really Very Shallow

"Everyone should follow his or her own inner voice.  If he or she has no ears to listen to it, he or she should do the best he or she can." - 'Non-Violence,' Harijan, 29 June 1947 (from The Essential Writings of Mahatma Gandhi edited by Raghavan Iyer)

My mother used to say about herself that 'Deep down inside, I'm really very shallow."  I've always felt that this described me.

I pray.  I meditate.  I daily seek guidance from a Higher Power.  I have a spiritual community and I am an active member.  But 'Deep down inside, I'm really very shallow.'

I won't say that I have never heard from my inner voice, but it's rare.  I, apparently, often, have 'no ears to listen.'  That's why I read Gandhi and others who do have 'ears to listen.'  That's why I have a spiritual community.  These people had and have 'ears to listen,' and I seek their wisdom and guidance.

I don't think I have to reinvent the wheel.  Better people than I have shown the way.  I can walk in their footprints.

And I don't worry about being sheep-like.  My life and experience , my personality, the place I choose to live, the things I think are important, are different from anyone and everyone else.  The way I am guided by the those who have ears, will not resemble anything anyone else has done.

I will continue to try and follow my own inner voice, but when that voice is silent or I am unable to hear, I have voices from the past who have marked the path and I have friends and companions whom I trust who help steer me back onto that path when I go astray.

I'm grateful.

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Comment by JP Cusick on March 28, 2011 at 16:46


I agree with your perspective, and it really seems like an expression of humility since most people have too demanding of an ego and of their "self" to truly lean onto the higher power.


As like a rabbit can not be non violent since the rabbit is already passive and vegetarian so the odd thing would be to see any rabbit to act violent. But take a lion or tiger or bear and we expect violence so the odd thing is when we see such animals being non violent.


So it is with people that we are naturally and inherently and socially trained to be violent from birth unto death, so people as I am that want to be non violent must reject our own inner driven violence because we are violent people trying to be non violent.


In the Hebrew Bible it declares a Godly paradise where the wolf will live with the sheep and lions will eat straw and there would NOT be any more hurting = refer to the Bible in Isaiah 11:3-9, Linked HERE,


So this is why I see our "inner voice" as often silent or even seeming to be misleading because first and foremost each person has to study and learn from all sources, and we must train our eyes to see and our ears to hear and our hearts to understand or else we too will remain lost and confused as so many people are.

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