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 There appear to be near unanimous view amongst cross section of Indians that politicians are the root cause  for the various problems  confronting  the country.  As politics has become lucrative business  and  it is free for all ,  every one who want  to amass money  and wield power now get into politics.  It is a sad scenario that such politicians are often aided  directly or indirectly  by  the  IAS  and IPS officers , though they are educated, trained and should know better. Under the circumstances, the concerned citizens  feel helpless and frustrated and wonder whether the overall  governance in India can become corruption and nepotism free at any time.

The hopes  that judiciary and media can check the deterioration in politics and government  has now   almost receded  , as judiciary has become suspect due to several acts of omission and commission by judges and the media  has now gone into the control of business men and political parties.

While the above situation really cause disgust to the concerned citizens , the problem is that those who feel unhappy  do not act effectively at the individual level to stem the rot. Those who write in the media and face book critically  about  the present conditions and who shout from the roof top about the  need for probity in public life  seldom do anything beyond this.   It is high time that concerned Indians should realise that writing and speaking is  no substitute for setting personal examples by way of resisting corrupt conditions at individual level.

It is unrealistic to think that some leadership will come from somewhere to restore good and corruption free governance.  In the past , it has been seen that those who were hailed as leaders of  anti corruption movement have  used the leadership position as platform to  gain power and then become corrupt themselves.

The real central issue in the country today is there is little resistance to corruption and fleecing at ground level. Obviously, resistance to corruption by concerned people call for sacrifice at the personal level and even willingness to undergo sufferings.  We even see people with high level of concern who understand the need to root out corruption simply pay bribe to get  things done like  securing admission for the child in school or even greasing the palm of a policeman when cornered unjustifiably, to avoid trouble.

Resistance to small corruption will certainly have a chain effect and will  put fear in the minds of the corrupt people at various levels  in the course of time. The anti corruption crusader need to have patience and faith to see the positive results.

Swami Vivekananda said  Give me 100 energetic young men and I shall transform India”. The message of Swami Vivekananda is loud and clear. Obviously, what he stressed  was that small group of people  with determination to fight for  the cause of probity and truth and defy unjust conditions can alone transform India.

The country now urgently needs such role models in nooks and corners.  Such persons need not shout or agitate but  should silently defy unjust demands at individual level. The society and the media may not immediately recognise them but their act of courage and conviction will slowly percolate and give confidence to others that such defiance towards the cause  of truth is possible by individuals and would be worthwhile.

One cannot but recall that much publicised anti corruption movement launched by Anna Hazare lost its appeal too quickly,  since Anna Hazare was only insisting on Lokpal and improvement of governance without making any efforts to improve the mindset of average Indian. Anna Hazare  never said  during the heydays of the movement that all his followers should resolve to remain corrupt free in day today life and those who follow his movement should declare solemnly that they would never indulge in corrupt practices at any time in their life.  Silent defiance for  the cause  at the individual level has not been stressed and thus Anna Hazare’s movement was finally seen to be operating in vacuum.

The campaign for corrupt free and nepotism free governance and  ensuring corrupt free politics can certainly be achieved by a silent revolution on the part of the concerned Indians ,who are now all over India in lakhs. They need to act at their own level and when sizable number of concerned citizens act  even without any coordination , the positive  impact will be seen sooner than later.


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