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Collective Responsibility of 4 pillars of a nation-Citizens,Corporate,NGOs&Govt on Common United Platform-INDIA Redefined-Aiming to make more Doers

"Lets aim to make more Doers than Beneficiaries "

INDIA Redefined (IR) is emerging as a Common United Platform (CUP) of Collective Responsibility of the four pillars of a nation, namely Citizens, Corporate, NGOs & Government in last two years to create the "Unified Diversity" of the subcontinent known as INDIA into "Diversified Unity" of a HAPPY INDIA. INDIA Redefine’s vision is created by an amalgamation of Different visions that ultimately leads to HAPPY INDIA, which, may seems UTOPIAN but SOMETHING to STRIVE FOR. INDIA Redefined has conducted several programs successfully (See some photographs on website) and is now entering the second stage of its evolution to become a major performing movement. Accordingly we have now reorganized our Governing Council and Board of Trustees.

INDIA Redefined draws its inspiration from Gandhian Movement which was a revolution focused  on independence. It was also about specific actions like non‐ cooperation by citizens. We are just trying to apply many Gandhiji' s methods in this era, in this society and during these times. Maybe in a different flavor! Maybe the context is different! Maybe it’s a different world! But the goal is same! He also wanted India a better place to live in.

Read about details of Activity Areas of Best Humanitarian Initiative 2009 award winner INDIA Redefined, where Corporate are interested for CSR & send mail at & Individuals for their ISR( Individual Social Responsibility)by sending CV and Photograph at apply@indiaredefined.orgby sending CV and Photograph at

Donate Time in Initiatives of this Non Political Citizens Empowerment Movement,

INDIA Redefined,with supporters across Globe, is actually becoming Peoples Movement day by day & is creating responsible, empowered citizens by bringing about “Behavioral Change”.

All over world the Government Sector(1st Sector), Corporate Sector(2nd Sector), NGO Sector(3rd Sector) are working but INDIA Redefined first tried to bring the 4th Sector "The Common People" working for the betterment of this Country on one platform in masses across the globe & all the other three Sectors started supporting INDIA Redefined.

Common people till now have only come together if they are against something; e. g All Independence movements, Movements against corruption. They have never come on one platform to work positively for country and then empowering themselves.

Too few leaders,like Anna, have first built their credibility by doing their duties. And even the followers of such leaders have yet to do their duty towards country, society and community at large. Hence the moral authority of such movements does not last long and is dependent on the leader's karma.We have to first fulfill our duties and responsibilities, then we automatically have the moral authority to demand our rights and once it is done on a unified platform of nobody will be able to ignore our rights. For too long as citizens we have demanded our rights through numerous movements, always ignoring our duties.

Our Stakeholders include us - the Citizens of India.

Send CV and Photograph at for City Coordinator /Village Coordinator /Youth Coordinator / Teen Coordinator of following Campaigns/Initiatives /Activities Areas

1) Project – “CLEAN INDIA”
2) Project – “GREEN INDIA” (Environmental & Sustainability Campaigns)
3) Project – “EDUCATE INDIA”
a) Skill Development Initiative Scheme based on Modular Employable Skills
b) "I donate" 6 months of my life in teaching or training in underprivileged
c) Vocational Training workshops with focus on self‐ employability.
d) ) Imparting computer usage and literacy to underprivileged people
e) Initiative for Municipal Schools (Teaching Computers & English)
f) Teaching children of migrant Workers, street children
g) Free tuition to children of illiterate parents
4) Project – “HEALTHY INDIA”
a) Health Check‐up camps
i. Eye Check‐up camps
ii. Blood donation camps
c) Awareness Campaigns
i. AIDS Awareness Campaigns
ii. Eye & Organ donation campaigns
iii. Vaccination
iv. Cleanliness & Hygiene
v. No Tobacco
vi. Anti-Smoking/ Anti-Drugs
d) Awareness campaigns of organic farming with the help of experts among consumers/farmers
f)Awareness Campaigns for Generic Medicines
5) "Mission Admission Campaign"
6)Project - "I Care"
a) Empowering Education
b) Monsoon campaign in slums
c) Display Nukkar Natak (Street Plays) : for peace/unity/integrity
d) Old Age Care
h) Working for visually handicapped

i) Women Empowerment
 Setting up small scale business for underprivileged women
 Taking underprivileged women to Shopping mall or a beauty parlor
 One Self Defense Workshop : for young Girls & women
 Computer literacy
 Celebrating women’s day with affluent + Underprivileged women together
 One woman –one saree
j) Support Satyamev Jayete
k) Cleaning dirty areas or Cleaning Campaigns in Slum Areas.
l) March for Happy India
m) Interview of Rural People
n) Organizing Training campaign for Recycling water.
o) Application of solar energy use in home rate.
p) Five Power saving campaigns.
q) Help Victims of natural calamity affected areas like flood, earthquake
r)Save Earth Campaign
 Anti plastic campaigns in 2 vegetable markets and 50 houses
 Energy Conservation
 Water Purification
s) No Tobacco /No drugs/No Alcohol Campaigns
t)World’s Donor Campaign

8) Bringing all 4 sectors together,
9) Coordinating INDIA Redefined 3rd Sector Partnership Programs-For NGOs to partner with INDIA Redefined
14)Coordinating INDIA Redefined Citizen-Corporate Collective Responsibility Group (CCCRG)

10) Harmony
11) Coordinating Internship Programs
12)C.U.R.E INDIA Campaign (Citizens United for Redefining & Empowering India)
a. "Ek Ka Dus"‐ Make a difference in the lives of 10 (ten) underprivileged
Indians and let them become your mentee
b. Women Empowerment
c. Expert Advice
13) Campaign-Motivating the beggars to stop begging and start working.

14) "Develop your own village"
15) INDIA Redefined Back Office Support Volunteers in Navi Mumbai
16)Campaign - "United & Peaceful India"

We have left governance to people, who are not really our representative, Policy to people who do not feel they are accountable to us, we have left environment, slum, and literacy to NGOs, Social Workers who struggle without our support.

We have left governance to people, who are not really our representative, Policy to people who do not feel they are accountable to us, we have left environment, slum, and literacy to NGOs, Social Workers who struggle without our support.

Do we want to make this Globe better?
Are we Fed up of table talks with no action?
Are we willing to do our bit for the country?
Are we Confused how to do this?

Lets be together to Redefined India.
Everything will be fine in the end & if everything is not fine then definitely that is not the END.

Ranjana Kanti
INDIA Redefined

Team INDIA Redefined

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Comment by GOPI KANTA GHOSH on July 24, 2012 at 16:48

Thanks...rightly said

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