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Champaran Satyagrah Padyatra - 2nd Oct - 18th Oct 2011

A ‘Champaran Satyagraha Padyatra’ [journey-on-foot] to draw attention to Gandhian values and development is taking place in Champaran on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti: the birth anniversary of Mohandas Gandhi and International Day of Non-Violence Day. The walk retraces the footsteps of Gandhiji on his struggle for the indigo cultivators (movement).

The walk symbolises a call for local development, and draws attention to the need for a workable and sustainable development pattern for the villages of Champaran. Birendra Soni, who organised the event, says “It is a call for the young people to come forward and think of working towards the development of their own village, contributing their bit to the community, in the way that Gandhi spoke about. Panchayat Raj in its true sense is whole-hearted participation in village affairs, participation in the decision making process, and transparency. A second revolution is needed in Champaran, and our attempt is to focus on a Sathyagraha... a walk for truth that has the potential to energize the people, young and old.”


Ten walkers from various places, as well as local residents are expected to retrace the steps of the Mahatma, starting 2nd October, [Gandhi’s birth anniversary and World non- violence day] from Bihitiharwa and culminating on 18th October in Motihari. The significance of 18th October is that on this day in 1918, the Champaran Agrarian Ordinance was repealed, thus signifying the effectiveness of Gandhi’s first Satyagraha. The programme will consist of inter-religious prayer meetings, Prabhat Pheri, village cleaning campaigns, distribution of books and screening of films on Gandhi. Hand cranked spinning wheels will be part of the event: the participants will demonstrate the carding and spinning of cotton into thread.


It is said that Gandhi advocated an hour of spinning a day, and this exercise could produce enough yarn to make a set of clothes every year. The walk is a joint effort by AASRA for Community Transformation (Delhi), AASRA Charitable Trust (Patna), Mahatma Gandhi College of Social Work, Gandhi Shodh Sansthan ( Gaunaha), Kasturba Girl’s High School (Bihtarwa Gandhi Ashram), Gujarat Vidyapeeth (Ahmedabad), Gandhi Research Foundation (Jalgaon), Sabarmati Gandhi Ashram (Ahmedabad), Mahila Samakhya Bihar, Gandhi Memorial Museum (Bihtarwa & Motihari), District Administration East & West Champaran and several others. we invite all of you to join us in Motihari on 18th October 2011.

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Comment by M Gandhi College of Social Work on October 12, 2011 at 1:24

We are using this prayer during our journey , promoting among youth beside religious prayer which gives message of peace , non violence and truth. We are promoting gandhiji as " Harijan Sevak" and god of hard work.


Gandhiji never wanted to hear , Mahatma for himself but he wanted to remain Sevak of people.

सेवक की प्रार्थना

हे नम्रता के सागर ! दिन भंगी की हीन कुटिया के निवासी !

गंगा, यमुना और ब्रम्हपुत्र के जलों से सिंचित इस सुंदर देश में

तुझे सब जगह खोजने में हमें मदद दे |


हमें ग्रहणशीलता और खुला दिल दे; तेरी अपनी नम्रता दे ;

हिंदुस्तान की जनता से एकरूप होने की शक्ति और उत्क्ण्ठा दे |


हे भगवान ! तू तभी मदद के लिए आता हैं ,

जब मनुष्य शून्य बनकर, तेरी शरण लेता हैं |

हमें वरदान दे, कि सेवक और मित्र के नाते

जिस जनता कि हम सेवा करना चाहते हैं,

उससे कभी अलग न पड़ जायें |


हमें त्याग, भक्ति और नम्रता की मूर्ति बना, ताकि,

इस देश को हम ज्यादा समझें और ज्यादा चाहें |

-मो० क० गांधी


Comment by M Gandhi College of Social Work on October 12, 2011 at 1:19

Song made by Champaran Satyagrha Padyatra 2011 all of us can sing together. It is way to increase motivation level of all young mind in team as they are trying to understand gandhii by walking all the way . We have all ready completed around 250 KM and around 200 Km more to go......

चंपारण पदयात्रा गीत

गाँव- गाँव जायेंगे, पाँव- पाँव जायेंगे,

बापू को समझनें में, तन-मन लगायेंगे|

गाँव- गाँव जायेंगे..............२


गाँव में जायेंगे, गांधी कथा सुनाएँगे ,

ग्राम स्वराज हम वापस लाएँगे |

गांधी जी के सपने लोगो के अपने,

गाँव में बताएँगे स्वराज लाएँगे

गाँव- गाँव जायेंगे----------------------२


सत्य अहिंसा पर हम चलेंगे,

सत्याग्रह को लोगो को बताएँगे|

गाँव- गाँव जायेंगे-----------------  २


झाड़ू लगा के गाँव को सजाएँगे,

हरिजन सेवक हम बन के दिखाएंगे |

गाँव- गाँव जायेंगे-------------------------२


गाँव- गाँव जायेंगे स्वंयसेवक बनाएँगे,

चम्पारण को हम स्वलम्बी बनाएँगे |

गाँव- गाँव जायेंगे-------------------------२




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