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Calling All Economists, World Leaders, And The People. The Big Deal Is:

Calling All Economist's, World Leaders, And The People. The Big Deal Is:

October 03, 2011
Speed Bullet Train photo

The WorldWide SpeedTrain International Enterprise

Where is the world going, economically, morally, and environmentally? I think most smart people know and acknowledge that this present Economic Crisis {from failed Banks, to highly indebted countries such as Europe and the USA} helps slow Global Warming.

The less stuff we make the less energy used such as oil and coal in making the stuff, transporting it, and sticking it somewhere for use by us all, for a continued cycle of what now? They always say more?

The world is changing with protests in Wall Street, about Main Street, and being preoccupied with wars continually developing and unfolding before our eyes. Whether those wars are concocted because of terrorists, or the real underlying reason is the quest for energy resources or oil.

We wage Wars these days to stop terror, and grab oil, that is limited in supply and we call that progress? I don't. The Western World Leaders are fighting for something that will be gone in a few short decades anyway. So what are we fighting for? For Nothing?

But I think there is a Way for the world to move toward in solving our economic and environmental woes. Much of the economic crisis is about not knowing where we would put our money even if we had money.

I want to present my idea for the world's development, that will bring hope, and link our world together as fellow nations, in peaceful acts of cooperation, and support.

For all those who wish to criticize, I only have to say that if you take the patience to step out of your cycle of endeavors you will see that I am right.

First is recognizing we need new means of energy production. Oil will not last forever. The earth is only one big barrel really. So it is essential we move toward economic pursuits that create new energies, new machines that make energy, and doing it so it does not pollute the air, or use up nonrenewable resource supplies, and certainly not down the Nuclear Road, where waste from that process is radioactive for thousands of years.

The Plan:

The continents in the world are not really that far apart from each other. In fact the only really distant continent is Australia. So Australia will not be included in the Idea due to the geographics.World Atlas photo

A bridge can easily be linked between Alaska and Russia to afford the connection between the America's and Canada. I am talking about The Speed Train.
We should be putting our money into the development of Speed Trains around the world and linking to every country in the world. The Alaska to Russia Bridge is the key hole slot in opening up the world to every country.

Speed Trains can bring us to any country in the world. And is better than flying, because Speed Trains don't pollute like Airliners do. And speed Trains can not be steered off course and used as a weapon such as done during the 911 terrorist attack in the USA.

Think what connecting our world will do? First create the millions of jobs we need, to include Hotels, Stores, Restaurants. Someday a guy will deliver your pizza from a Speed Train. smile photo

Most people want to travel around the world to visit. They can't because of various reasons, such as no income or jobs. People like to put money into the Stock Market and think that is the means to economic security, but they don't see that their Stocks bought are usually from polluting industries.

The Speed Train, Tourism Industry, Hauling Freight by Speed Train Industry, is a nonpolluting Green Theatre. It is where we want people to move into, because it means better stability, and slows the Global Warming Crisis, eventually reversing it.

So you say? What about powering the Speed Train?

I have invented The Flying GEM-G.

The Flying GEM-G is a machine that can produce electricity without burning any combustible resource; and does not need nuclear, hydro-dams, Solar, or Wind power to make it work.

GEM-G stands for Gyro Electric Maglev- Generator. The Flying GEM-G is a stationary machine that has flying components attached to it. It is a series of Electric Generators in gyration and in so doing producing electrical current.

We know the facts on:

Coal: It pollutes
Oil, Gas, Ethanol,: It pollutes
Hydro Dams: Not much good during droughts and limited to specific river flow areas.
Nuclear: Very Dangerous Waste Storage for thousands of years.
Solar: 50% useable, because the sun does not shine at night, or cloudy; storm days.
Wind: 50% useable, because it does not blow everyday, nor can the speed be controlled.

The Flying GEM-G can make electricity 100% of the time; nonstop; 24 hours a day, despite rain or drought, cold or hot. Is non-polluting because it burns nothing.

Developing the Flying GEM-G is the key to making all this work for the People in the Economy.

It is rather simple really, but difficult to envision because so many people have other things on their minds, instead of the real agenda we need.

Our Economic Woes are not just about America, or the Euro Zone, not having jobs, or deciding how those countries can get out of their debt. It is a world factor in creating jobs for most of us and more. And that more means all the countries in the world.

Developing the Flying GEM-G will be the motivator that we have a means to move out of our stumbled whereabouts. It will also support the Electric Auto Industry in all communites around the world.Electric Car photo

The Flying GEM-G can be built anywhere in the world, making lots of jobs. And it will be in every country supporting and supplying the power needed to operate the Speed Bullet Trains.

You think Warren Buffet does not know what is going on?
The head of Berkshire Hathaway (BRKB) announced his biggest deal yet: a $26.3 billion cash-and-stock acquisition of Burlington Northern Santa Fe(BNI) that values the railroad giant at $34 billion.

Of course he does.

The Speed Train will be one of the bigger answers to stopping Global Warming.
And Investors should note: It is the right thing to do, politically, morally, and responsibly.

This is the problem in moving forward.

1. If made in the USA, the Political System that is in my opinion really a Military System, will use the investments to fund their continued Wars in the World. Why do I want to fund the Military with my idea that is meant to bring people together not divide them with hate, distrust, loss, and hopelessness.

2. Getting people to believe that it is in our world interest more than our national interest.

3. Getting people to invest in this plan instead of Financial Bailout Schemes that go no where economically or environmentally.

4. This is the way, and hope people believe in it for our good future.

China Train Station photo
China Train Station I've Been Working On The Railroad, all the live long day. I've been
working on the railroad just to pass the time away. Can't you hear the


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Comment by Dom Jermano on October 10, 2011 at 3:53pm
I want to connect the World with an International Speed Train Enterprise. The name of the Speed Train is The Enterprise. It will solve many problems in todays time. Namely create jobs around the world, and be the Pioneer in rolling over the debt crisis in Europe and in the United States.

You don't know me or know it yet, but I am the key to solving a multitude of world problems. I am the Domino. I am Dominic Jermano the Inventor of The Flying GEM-G

My vision for the future makes Steve Jobs vision seem like a Peanuts Cartoon in the Democrat & Chronicle Sunday Paper. God Bless Steve Jobs.

My machine is the most superior invention known to Mankind. It makes Electricity pollution free. It burns no Combustible Resource, and creates no waste such as radioactive waste from nuclear production. It is 100% production capable. Is SUPERIOR to the 50% solar energy industry, and SUPERIOR to the wind turbine industry.

My Flying GEM-G and vision for the world also solves the major Global Warming Problem, and reduces/eliminates the pollution in our environment and World.

Most people can only describe our problems. But I have many solutions, that people do not really take me serious about. So I ask you why not? I am passed around like a nice thought, but people never take me serious, to do.

I am your Technical Dream Guy come true. But people are so caught up in politics, bombing and killing people, and wasting money, I might as well be talking to the toilet bowl, thinking Mr. Clean will jump out of the pile and help me.

I will connect every country to each other to promote Tourism to their country. I will provide fast clean transportation of goods of trade to every country in the world, except Australia due to Geographics.

I will also build The Enterprise Business Speed Train, which will have established Business's renting or owning one car all linked in succession for their own catering that travels around the world. McDonalds restaurant will have a Moving Traveling Restaurant that can visit all the countries in the world. The Speed Train will have a Visiting Hospital, A School for Children. It will even be possible to have a Speed Train Basket Ball Court to play on.

There will also be The Enterprise Speed Train for the Elderly, so they have a means to work and travel around the world as they do. They will have nice bunks and no worries about Social Security or Medicare, Medicaid. A portion of the ticket price goes to pay for them.

You see I am not an ordinary guy. I am quite unique and interesting person. I have not gone to College or a University because there are non that cater to my dream and vision.

Steve Jobs the great innovator of Apple Computers who died yesterday never went to a University. To my understanding neither did Bill Gates, and neither did Jesus the Lord. So I am not a stand in line to the status quo of doing.

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