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Mahatma Gandhi on prison Reforms by Dr.P.Prathapan is the compilation of the writing of

Mahatma Gandhi on the conditions of prisons and his suggestions for Prison reforms. Mahatma was a prisoner for 249 days in South Africa and 2089 days in India. Three times he was convicted as a dangerous criminal. His concern for the rights of the prisoners and to improve the conditions in prisons with regard to sanitation, food, recreation, medical treatment and against solitary confinement, even when he was outside the prisons are shown through various representations and letters to the Prison Authorities or to the Press. The conditions prevailed within prisons in those days comes to light of the day through his writings. Further interacted with thousands of his fellowmen who were imprisoned in various parts of India.

His writings relating to Prison and his suggestion for its improvement are are compiled and chapterised like: Prison Life -100 years ago, On Classification of prisoners, Prison diet, Duties of the prisoners, Rights of the prisoners, Human Rights Issues in Prison, On reforming another person, Case studies on the prisoners by Gandhi, Relevance of Gandhian Approach towards Correction, Summary of Gandhi’s

suggestions. It is equivalent to a Jail Reforms Committee Report.

All the correctional activities in prisons are nullified, because of the overcrowding. The rate of recidivism is high though the rate of conviction is low; Prisons had alienated from the society. Prisons continues to be the breeding ground for crime. Many newer forms of crimes are emerging. Thus it is a real

invisible threat to the law abiding citizens. Newspaper reports often appears on gross violations of human rights and pathetic situation inside prisons.

It is time to have a new look into the suggestions put forth by Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of the Nation, to improve the prison system, which is relevant for the consideration of Policy makers, Administrators, Correctional social workers, Students of Social Work/Science, and public spirited citizens as it aims for the conversion of prisons into veritable Reformatories.

The book was published by PARTRIDGE INDIA and copies are available online with AMAZON or visit ;

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