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Oh! My dear friend, you are too busy in attending the school, college or office work whole day. In spite of the tight schedule, you are asked to drop your long-time friend at the airport after the office, or attend a party tonight hosted by your neighbour. Earlier in the morning, you were planning to spend the evening by playing a game or listening to music of your choice.

My friend, are you ready to accept either of these requests that have suddenly fallen upon you? What would be your temperament if the current work load becomes too heavy to even think of any additional responsibility? How much of importance would you give to these requests even if it were a perfect retreat at the end of the day?

Such requests from your friends or neighbours may not be more important than playing a game or resting with metallic or melody. You might also doubt what good is going to happen by giving a ride to a friend or attending a party.

Gandhiji was very punctual on his time completing his routines as scheduled. He never missed to meet any person as per the appointment, be it a friend or a stranger. He did things like talking, walking, writing and meeting the public etc., so earnestly as though they were very significant to his mission. He believed his actions speak his thoughts and spread some valuable message for the people who loved him.

His frequent fasts were meant for purifying the stain caused elsewhere in the country due to violent riots and religious clashes. The world wondered how it would rectify the faults. Indeed, it did change the violent minds into pacified souls; thorns into flowers.

My friend, the significance can’t be defined at the time of actions. It comes following the actions and how sincerely you performed your actions. The importance lies in the fact how good is your relationship with your friend/neighbour. Certainly, you need to maintain good rapport with them. You are not going to miss them in your life with this small gesture of help, anyway.

It is important how much you and your friend/neighbour get to understand each other at the end of a conflict. It is important how you two agree with some point today. What impact it would cause in your relationship with a friend/neighbour would come to light in the following days.

Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important you do it – Mahatma Gandhi

P.S.This article was first published in The TechnoGandhian Newsletter November 2015

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