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Be a part of Collective Responsibility of 4 pillars of a nation namely-Citizens,Corporate,NGOs & Govt-Make INDIA Redefined Activities-CSR/ISR &NGOs can be part of 3rd sector partnership program

"Lets aim to make more Doers than Beneficiaries"

Be a part of Collective Responsibility of four pillars of a nation, namely Citizens, Corporate, NGOs & Government on Common United Platform-INDIA Redefined www.indiaredefined.orgwhich is aiming to make more Doers than Beneficiaries. Best Humanitarian Initiative 2009 award winner INDIA Redefined (IR)  is a Non-Political Citizens Empowerment Movement.INDIA Redefined (IR) ,draws its inspiration from Gandhian Movement methods which was a revolution focused  on independence. It was also about specific actions like non- cooperation by citizens. We are just trying to apply many Gandhiji's principles’ in this era, in this society and duringthese times. Maybe in a different flavor! Maybe the context is different! Maybe it’s a different world! But the goal is same! He also wanted India a better place to live in.

Make INDIA Redefined  Activities given on CSR/ISR(Individual Social Responsibility). Make INDIA Redefined Activities-CSR/ISR & NGOs can be part of 3rd sector partnership program+Students do Internship.
Read work profiles of State/City/Village/NRI/ Coordinators on & Apply to be INDIA Redefined  Coordinators or Donate Time as leader in Activities of INDIA Redefined written on website .
Send CV at  These are voluntary jobs , no

College/University/School Students can apply at  or  youth4change@indiaredefined.orgteen4change@indiaredefined.orgfor Youth Wing/Teen Wing Internship or being Youth/Teen/College/School/University Coordinators or Coordinating Campaigns / Initiatives / Events / Activities in their College/University or City/Village/ School.On successful participation each Student gets an Internship certificate.

Corporate for CSR or NGOs to be part of 3rd Sector Partnership Program mail at NGOs can send their details with their logo to conduct programs on INDIA Redefined banner with their logo on that.
Common people till now have only come together if they are against something; e. g All Independence movements, Movements against corruption. They have never come on one platform to work positively for country and then empowering themselves.
Too few leaders, like Anna, have first built their credibility by doing their duties. And even the followers of such leaders have yet to do their duty towards country, society and community at large. Hence the moral authority of such movements does not last long and is dependent on the leader's karma.

We the Citizens of India are the Stakeholders of this Collective Responsibility of the 4 pillars of a nation, namely Citizens, Corporate, NGOs & Govt.

There are 17 campaigns description given on website  People either make their own prog or chose a prog from our prog and take banner from Download section . Do events and send pics. You can see thousands of such pics in activity section. Go through website
One point is important that even if we want our rights or make corruption accountable, we ,the citizens have to make our credibility by good works --if we do our duties on different platforms or without any banner, then we may benefit someone but if we, the citizens,NGOs, corporates,other organizations put all our good works on one platform -like INDIA Redefined--that will make Citizens empowered to ask about their rights on their own karmas not on some leaders good karmas,something like masses did on Anna ji;s good works.

INDIA Redefined can act like pressure group for corruption if today we dont point out fingers on govt or others and only keep doing activities on this banner--like lots of people understood - see pics on website .There is so much dirt-that we have to make broom strong.

Movements against corruption only did Awakening masses or jagrook logon ko for their rights & pointing out corruption. In INDIA Redefined Awakening means-awakened for duties .Till now no Movement has made people awakened for their duties --they say awakening masses only for morcha against someone.It is much easier. Please read the following too.

It was initially a social experiment is now emerging as a People's Movement in last two years to create the "Unified Diversity" of the subcontinent known as INDIA into "Diversified Unity" of a HAPPY INDIA.INDIA Redefined, with supporters across Globe, is actually creating responsible, empowered citizens by bringing about “Behavioral Change”. Read about Activity Areas of INDIA Redefined (IR) where Corporate can be interested for their CSR & Individuals for their ISR (Individual Social Responsibility) on website.

INDIA Redefined has conducted several programs successfully (See some photographs on website) and is now entering the second stage of its evolution to become a major performing movement. Accordingly we have now reorganized our Governing Council and Board of Trustees.

INDIA Redefined’s vision is created by an amalgamation of different visions that ultimately leads to HAPPY INDIA which may seems UTOPIAN but SOMETHING to STRIVE FOR.
We always blame others for problems--first Mughals, then Britishers and after independence we blame Politicians. Who is to be blamed?--Us -125 Crore Indians or 540 MPs?Many of us do not Even bother to vote and then criticize the people who are elected on vote Bank politics. This INERTIA is the root cause of many of our problems and we are partly to Be blamed.

All over world the Government Sector(1st Sector), Corporate Sector(2nd Sector), NGO Sector(3rd Sector) are working but INDIA Redefined first tried to bring the 4th Sector "The Common People" working for the betterment of this Country on one platform in masses across the globe.

Our Stakeholders include us - the Citizens of India.We have left governance to people, who are not really our representative, Policy to people who do not feel they are accountable to us, we have left environment, slum, and literacy to NGOs, Social Workers who struggle without our support. – The list can go on and on.

We have to first fulfill our duties and responsibilities, then we automatically have the moral authority to demand our rights and once it is done on a unified platform of nobody will be able to ignore our rights. For too long as citizens we have demanded our rights through numerous movements, always ignoring our duties.

See details of Campaigns / Initiatives / Events / Activities Areas of INDIA Redefined on

Read FAQs & the Story of 25 years of Making of INDIA Redefined on website(How did Visionary of this Movement Anurag Kanti thought about this kind of movement 20-25 years back but took so long to start this Movement. Also see, Activities/Visionary thoughts, INDIA Redefined Message, Speeches, Presentation, Journey of INDIA Redefined

Work profiles of Students are mostly governed by their studies taking priority.

See Different Wings of INDIA Redefined on website - Wing Leaders of each wing will have to write the work profiles for themselves and for their wings as they have their experience and expertise in their own profession.

We can redefine our dearest Globe by starting a similar movement in every country

What you require to “Redefine Globe”

Ø Love for “This Planet Earth”

Ø Passion to be the “Catalyst” of change

Ø Belief in your “Actions”

ØTrust in others to become as “Committed”

Ø Action to “Change” – yourself and others around you





                                     HEALTHY INDIA - WILL RESULT FROM CLEAN INDIA and dedicating SPECIFIC FOCUS ON HEALTH ISSUES 

                                                   PROSPEROUS INDIA - The above INITIATIVES WILL NATURALLY LEAD TO PROSPERITY ACROSS BOARD 

                                                          HAPPY INDIA - END RESULT OF ALL INITIATIVES, which may seem Utopian but something to strive for 

Everything will be fine in the end & if everything is not fine then definitely that is not the END.

Is this idea worth spreading? Then share this with every individual you know.

"Lets aim to make more Doers than Beneficiaries "

Team INDIA Redefined

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