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During my childhood, I always can we think best for ourselves. I always heard from the growing up saying that life is tough and they don't have a choice but to work hard to get what they want. Is that really true, and by working hard, playing less we can get what we want? After I join the club, the same thing happens to me and people around me. Then I come to another question, when the time we get what we think we want, is that really what we want?

After a deep thought in all these questions, I finally realize that I work so hard for nothing. You must be curious and ask why? When you ask why, means that you no longer believe working hard is the path you want. We always believe things that our parent told us, study hard, work hard, play less and you will get what you want later in life. The fact that what they said what we want in life usually is what our parent want and the fact that what our parent want is actually what our grand parent want and the fact that what our grand parent want is what our great grand parent want. So what I'm trying to say is, what most people want when they work hard, is to get a "better" house, "better" life, and "better" car. As you notice, why do I put double quote for the word better?I put double quote for the word better

It is true that most of the people nowadays work so hard and some become workaholic just to make their life a little bit "better". Don't you think that this is somehow unwise? And because we want to become "better", it always lead us to work for money, and when we work for money, problem arise. You will hear people say that we have no time for our children, we have no time for our family, I have to work like a slave in order not to get fired.

Maybe you'll ask, do we have a choice? We just have to work hard to maintain what we have now and to get "better", we just have to work harder. My friend, we all have our choices, we can choose what we want and how we want to be. In order to make a good choice for yourself, you just have to spend some time to figure out what you really want in life, what is your ultimate goal? Without knowing what you really want in life, there is no way of going anywhere. So my friend, stop working so hard for a while, think hard for what you really want.

We must achieve a balnce in our life, so work hard and play hard.

-- Gordon --
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