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In my first blog on AK, I have suggested that if we can reduce the amount of salt and shuger in our daily intake of our meals we can get rid of hypertension, diabetics, heart trouble and many other problems that 80% of people have been suffering from as per my own clinical experiences with my patients in Europe, UK, USA and former USSR, for the last more than twenty five years of my Ayurvedic practice. Actually speaking we are not very clear about our own body, though we have won over the moon and stars, which is a marvalous discovery of the human being with the help of Science and Technology.
What happens generally is that when we sit on the dinnig table we totally forget our poor stomech. We keep our whole attention on the tounge and that too on a very small spce on the tounge, the taste glands. We stop eating only at that moment when our stomech is full. We do not try to understand that if we fill our Belly up to the throt where will the Kapha, one of the three basic elements, will stand and help in the process of digestion?
This is the key to our health. While eating, if we can keep our eye on the stomech as well, as we keep on the mere taste glands of the tounge only, we can avoid much of our sufferings.
We have to understand that our body is also like any other machine. We can run a machine with the right type of feul only. We can not run a car by putting food that human being consumes. So, it is very important to know what type of food, in what quantity and at what time? Time here means what time of the day and night, what season of the year and at what age. This is not a very complex acadmics. Even animals unerstand this much intelligence. And animals when fall sick they do not go to doctors, they themselves start taking care of themselves. For example, when a dog or cat become sick they eate green grass and vomit the wrong type of food that they have consumed and they become good.
Can we try to learn from annimals as to how we can remain healthy and happy by observing the law of the nature? We can save much of our resources that we spend on our health. Not many people know that sum total of all the resourses of our globe, 17% is beeing spent on Drug industry

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