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The striking aspect  of Mahatma Gandhi's life was that he practiced what he advocated.  He had the courage of conviction which brought him lakhs of followers.
Today, the corruption at all levels in administration have reached alarming proportions in India, not only in  government departments but also in private sector including educational institutions. Many feel that corruption has got entrenched in the public life in the country  to such an extent that it can never be eradicated in future. 
Mahatma Gandhi always stressed the importance of making sacrifices by individuals for the sake of loftier cause.  Today, most of the Indians who feel highly concerned about corruption do not really come forward to fight against corruption in any meaningful way  at individual level.  The anti corruption  programme is not really becoming a people's movement,  in which case  thousands of people would have offered passive resistance in day today life at personal level  and making necessary sacrifices, if need be.

However, such concerned people seem to think that it is the responsibility of the government  to prevent corruption by appropriate measures, even as they keep expressing their disgust about the state of affairs  and remaining highly critical of the corrupt politicians and bureaucrats. While  in all probability , such concerned people  would not demand bribes: nevertheless, most of such concerned people  pay bribe money , (however unwillingly they may do so), citing helplessness and at the same time  genuinely feeling sad about “the compelling need to pay bribe”.

Is it not appropriate to call such persons as bending fighters of corruption ? 

Most of the anti corruption movement in India stress on punishing the corrupt people but seem to sympathise with the bribe givers as victims of bribe culture. Gandhiji would never have approved such an approach.
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