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Arab Wisdom – Selections from Mahatma Gandhi

Arab Wisdom – Selections from Mahatma Gandhi


Gandhiji had written excerpts from the book “Wisdom of the East” in his column of the Indian Opinion (28-12-1907), a newspaper he edited and published when he was in South Africa. The book contained extracts from the holy Koran, and reproduced the sayings of Arab thinkers on different matters. Actually the book was sent for a review from his office, and Gandhiji apparently had note-down his favorite words from the book as he also advised his readers to buy that book.


Here are the Arab sayings what Gandhiji wrote in his column:


  • “He who disregards his own honour gets no good from an honourable lineage . . . . Learning and high principles cover the shame of low origin.”


  • “Men see no fault in one who respects himself.” 
  • “Be ashamed in your own sight more than in the sight of men.”
  • “He who respects not himself can have no respect for others.”
  • “Life has no worth and this world has no happiness for a man who has lost his self-respect and          abandoned himself to shamelessness.”


  • “A man is truly religious when he is truly good.”


  • “A man without education is like a brave man without arms.”
  • “Kings govern men and learned men govern kings.”
  • “A wise man is not he who considers how he may get out of an evil, but he who sees to it that he does not fall into it.”


  • “No man’s religion can be right unless his heart becomes right, nor can his heart become right unless his tongue is right. . . . That man is a hypocrite who prays and fasts, but is untruthful in what he says, false to his word, and unfaithful in discharging a trust.”

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