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Gandhi was having a roaring practice as a lawyer in South Africa. In the begining he was having some problems. But later on he became a very popular Attorny. Why did he leave his legal practice? During the course of his practice as a lawyer Gandhi came to realize that in this profession one can not strict to Truth. Instead, one has to be highly tactful and sometimes compromise with the wrong facts in order to win the case of his client. For example in the case of Dada Abdullah he realised that he has to accept untruth in front of the Court,Therefore, Gandhi prefered to settle the case out of the Court and brougfht emicable solution for both the parties. Here Gandhi brought the new social concept of Aprigraha, that is not to hanker-after more and more material wealth by compromising with the Truth. The realisation of this new Socil Concept of Aprigraha made him quite the profession of Lawyer. Aprigraha is a Sanskrit term which means earn your living with right means and never hanker for greed.

Today we see social violence is on the increase. The basic reason is that human beings are madly after more and more material wealth. In order to meet his/her false demands. They have to compromise with wrong social values. People are always under the false notion of becoming more and more economically secure and socially highup. This rat race of more and more security, is infact make us more and more insecure and finally insane. This is what Gandhi had realised and left his lucrative Law Practice and prefered to do bread.labour. Gandhi started farming at the Tolstoy Farm in South Africa and later in India at Sabermati and Sewagram.

Here Gandhi try to establish new Social Value, Aprigraha. And he succeeded. First in South Africa and later in India during his non-violent struggle against the British Colonial Rule. World has seen it happening. The historic Salt March of 1931 is a glairing example. How he could start with his minimum need of life. Just a pair of Dhoti, Chappals and some fruggle eatables. People were laughing in the begining, as to what can breaking the Salt Act do? But when millions of people joined him, it broke the spine of British Regime. It was the first time that Gandhi-s nonviolent struggle against the British regime came on the International Media. He never thought of security. He pledged to leave the Sabermati Ashram and came on the read, like most insecure ordinary people. This is the miracle of

A new begining has been made last year in Budapast, Hungary, where Spritual Economic was a Seminar and well known economist of the World Bank was one of the key persons who addressed it. Aprigraha was the key word, which was hotly debated. It was the first time that Gandhi became the center of attraction among a small gathering in the Seminar. It was just a small begining. It has to be thoroughly discussed all over the world as to how Socially useful value is Aprighraha. Let Gandhitopia Forum take a lead.

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