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Applying Gandhiji's teachings in Daily life

Ahimsa -- a teaching which Gandhiji followed and made it a part of his life is something we all can practice. The word can also mean dynamic compassion, to be actively compassionate rather than be passively non-violent.

One way to practise ahimsa is to lead an environmentally positive lifestyle. Our lifestyle has far reaching effects on the planet. The issues of global warming and climate change are very real and is affecting all of us.

I have written two articles related to this topic:
India Shining and Global Warming
Environmentally Positive Lifestyle
The time to change is now. We have to rethink about how we should lead our life. My first visit to Sabarmati ashram in Ahmedabad where Gandhiji stayed for many years made a deep impression on me. The simplicity of his life was an eye-opener. We can do without a lot of things which we think are necessary for leading meaningful lives.

Let us try to follow Gandhiji's footsteps and make our life simple. It will not only help us but also the environment. The main cause for the present environmental situation is over consumption. So let us try to lead an environmentally positive lifestyle and practise the teaching of ahimsa in daily life.

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