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Appeal to support production of definite photo biography on Mahatma Gandhi

GandhiServe India plans to publish a comprehensive coffee table book on the life and work of Mahatma Gandhi consisting of 1281 colourized photographs, cartoons, maps, a chronology, biography, quotations and paper clippings. On 680 pages the reader gets a rare insight in Gandhi’s outstanding life. The book is of 28 x 41 cm and weighs 7 kg. It will be released on 15th September 2016 – YOUR support provided.


Browse the complete book:

On 1st May 2016 GandhiServe India starts a 3-weeks crowdfunding campaign in order to gather the required funds to print the book:

You can become part of this historic project by supporting the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign! Bookmark this website and come back on 1st May to make YOUR donation.

For YOUR donation you will receive attractive rewards:
- Every donor's name or logos/ads will be printed on the slipcase of the book, in the book itself and on the book’s website !

In addition donors receive
- a digital image as used in the book (donations above 10 Euros),
- plus a copy of the book which effects in a pre-sale discount of 20% (donations above 80 Euros)
- plus an original vintage photograph of Gandhi (donations above 500 Euros)

Visit us on Facebook:

PLEASE share this message with likeminded folks, friends, family, colleagues and community - THANK YOU!

With best regards,

Peter Ruhe
Admin, GandhiTopia

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