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Anna Vs. Government's LokPal


With the unsatisfied Anna roaring on the incomplete, unnerved LokPal Bill undergoing the legislative process, the government is keen on implementing its commitment during the winter session of the parliament and the people of India has got a spectacular show unfold before them raising two questions of what the Government would do with Anna and what Anna would do with his version of LokPal.


From 16th August, Anna is venturing into another Satyagraha that reminds of Gandhiji's struggle in South Africa. As the white dominated South African government levied £3 tax on contract workers and imposed a rule of registration of stay on the Indian workers, Gandhiji, a lawyer on contract, resisted the move as it was over-burden and a sort of slavery from the part of poorly waged workers. Through the years of 1906 to 1914, various kinds of protests and marches conducted in Transvaal and Natal led by Gandhiji to ease out the contract of the Indian workers in South Africa.


And for Anna, it would take years to see the Lokpal of the people as he call it. The reaction by the government so far seemed to be moderate and the true effect of the protest lies in the fact on how much stronger the protest is.  While the team Anna was successful in bringing the bill that had been put down in dark for over 40 years, the same team must have the courage and strategy to make it stronger as expected.


Do the people support his team as before? Or the people want to see how the LokPal works with its current version? Will the people join together to strengthen the bill and fight aggressively for bringing the amendments. The government says that it has agreed to 34 of the 40 clauses; but would the government be ready to meet Anna and his teammates once again to talk about the modalities and procedures for rest of the demands?


Whatever said and done, the Team Anna must realize that their job is over and must come back again with a different strategy to get what the people of India deserves. Everyone would come to understand that meagre protests further on this Bill is not going to yield any effective results. It is better to give it a freeze.


Persistent Satyagraha by Anna is not going to stop the processing of the LokPal Bill in the parliament. Instead, a judicial move in the Supreme Court may do some good. But, again, Anna and his team shall not forget that he is very much the part of the current version of the bill.


Let us not politicize Satyagraha! neither Anna for that matter.




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Comment by GOPI KANTA GHOSH on August 15, 2011 at 12:24pm
A fantastic and neutral analysis...thanks for posting

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