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Home addresses of Members of Parliament India (Anna Hazare Calls For Dharna Outside Homes of MPs)

Anna Hazare this morning reminded all citizens of India that they are the masters and must constantly watch over and direct their servants - notably the member of parliament they sent to the Lok Sabha. Team Anna has called upon people accross India to stage dharnas (sit-ins) outside the homes of their own MP and make him/her directly and personally answerable to his constituency, beginning with his/her public stand on the Jan Lokpal Bill.


To ask your MP to explain what specific points of the Team Anna draft he/she may disagree with, and to ask him/her to publicly declare his stand to you and all his/her constituents, we need home addresses of all MPs in India.


Here is the relevant page on the website of the Indian Parliament - alphabetical list where you will find your MP's personal page with full home address, phone number, mobile number etc. Click on the name of your MP and act now (interrogate your MP on the phone, go to his/her home, etc.)

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Comment by GOPI KANTA GHOSH on August 22, 2011 at 15:13
A step ahead

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