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Esteemed Friends and Wellwishers,

I hope and pray that you are all well. This is most personal situation I want to share with you. I have entered 65 on 1st of november 09. I have not done any paid job in my life. The day I came out of University, I took the mission of Non-violence and started Rajghat School of Nonviolence in New Delhi, the first of its kind in the country in 1970-71, under Gandhi Peace Foundation, New Delhi.

I have been a missonary through-out in my life. Whenever I needed I have been getting some honorarium to meet my daily needs. My wife have been a teacher in a public school of a repute in South Delhi. She has been supporting me through out. Now she is also going to retire next month after serving for about three decades..{ 31st of Janauary 2010}

I am now totally dependent on my large family of friends and wellwishers whom I have been constently reporting and serving through all life and I am very grateful for their help and support in making the misson of Gandhi and Ayurveda move forward..

My personal monthly needs are about Rupee 6000 plus about Rupee1000 for casual expenditure, I am hopeful of getting generous help from my friends in the new situation, I am the Trustee of a house in Delhi, which was build on my family property with the help of friends and wellwishers from 30 countries in the whole world with their small but precious and loveable contributions Many of them have come and enjoyed its simple and warm hospitality. And I have visited them in the past 25 years on my misson of Gandhi and Ayurveda..Its address is CONSTRUCTIVE WORKERS HOME, B-29 MANGAL PANDEY MARG, BHAJANPURA, NEW DELHI-110053.

As a public worker it is my duty to tell my friends and welwishers about my personal life, which has been an open book..With love and blessing,

Any tiny amount will be most kindly accepted with gratitudes, Please send your contributions to --- ARYA BHUSHAN BHARDWAJ, B-- 29, MANGL PANDEY MARG BHAJHANPUA, NEW DELHI--110053, INDIA or INTL. Bank Account Number -- 10201979582
State Bank of India GHONDA, DELHI --110053. .

Yours Sincerely,


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Comment by Arya Bhushan Bhardwaj on January 14, 2010 at 13:48
Thankyou brother Peter for your kind concern for me, I will lookinto the proposal and write to you, best wishes, Arya.
Comment by GandhiServe Foundation on January 14, 2010 at 9:56
Dear Arya,

Your requirements can be met by a project that I'm working on in these days which will be launched by year end: GandhiMedia.
Like you there are many Gandhian workers, freedom fighters, activists, writers and artists who, on one hand lack income especially in their old age, and, on the other hand posses some photographs, documents, films, audio recordings, art works etc. about Mahatma Gandhi and/or India's independence movement, or have written extensively on the subject. GandhiMedia will host all those materials on its website where it can be viewed and immediatly downloaded against a fee. In addition the material is also offered for publication against a separate licensing fee. Revenues are shared between GandhiServe, which runs GandhiMedia, and our suppliers 50:50. By this you would have some regular income with only little effort in its initial stage as we'd prefer to receive material in digitized form. Naturally, the amounts you receive depend on the attractivity of the material you make available.
With your contacts in the Gandhian world you could also act as agent by contacting other veterans who may have interesting photos, films, documents or audio recordings.You could either handle their material on their behalf or facilitate their agreement with us. Mind that we're not asking owners of material to part with it as we use only digital files.

So far we have received material from over 300 sources. When GandhiMedia goes online it'll be the best media resource for Mahatma Gandhi and India's freedom struggle from the very beginning with the scope to grow fast. I hope, Arya, you join the bandwaggon - and benefit!

Best wishes,


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